Bangkok, Thailand

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Thailands tasty meals

Try out some of thailand's tasty meals. One of the most common fillers is rice, but sometimes it's noodles instead. Don't worry Thai food is never bland it's always filled with tasteful spices. Cooked food is either, boiled, fried, or stir-fried. So when you goto Thailand you'll know these food are out of the ordinary.

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Thailands colorful arts

Make sure to add onto one of their carvings. In Thailand you can goto the market and buy colorful pots, and trade in a boat floating in a river. You can also find some artwork that anyone can add on, even you. There is plenty of ways and things to shop in Thailand be sure to bring back some souvenirs

Fun activities you can do

If your not in the mood to get food or make fancy art you can goto a peaceful masuage or got a crocodile, tiger, lion, snake, or elephant farm . If you want to goto any one of these don't be afraid, thais are nice and used to tourists like you.

Speech of Thailand

Thailand has many languages but the most popular one is Bangkok thai, they also have a lot of body language like if a younger thai passes by a elder thai , they slightly bow their head.

Weather in Thailand

Thailand is humid most of the year but seasons are easily defined. Nov. to May. is a bit dry. On the east side of a peninsula on the west coast through April and October is stormy but on the east rain falls between Sept. and Dec.. So it's a good idea to bring a rain coat.

Famous landmarks in Thailand

Want to go see amazing wildlife or giant buildings, well you can! You can goto "Ko Tarutao" an island full of jungles and "crystal blue waters" or you can goto Ayuthaya the second capital of siam, over the years Ayutthaya had become the largest city in the world! Check out one of these amazing sights!

Some Thailand music i found on youtube

Thailand Music "Best song in Thailand"