Social Security Act

August 14, 1935

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Who was the program intended to help?

This program is intended to help those out of work, disabled, those who worked long term who made very little, retired, and those who were over 65.

What does the program do?

It was intended to provide benefits to those who needed it, such as the disabled, and those of old age. It provided them with the benefits that they needed to live. It helped people to live off of only what they needed.

Did this provide relief, recovery, or reform to the United States?

This was part of the relief program. It provided help to people who are in their most desperate times. Who cannot care for themselves. It gave them the relief they needed by getting them back on their feet.
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Was this program effective at relieving the economic crisis?

I think this program was a huge help towards the economic crisis because it helped people who couldn't help themselves. It relieved those who needed to have money because they couldn't work, or needed work but couldn't find it.

How does this program help to understand the Great Depression?

It helped me understand this was a time of desperation, and little jobs. People couldn't get a job, or help themselves, even those who were injured were in trouble. People couldn't afford to keep the family going.

Does the program exist today?

The program does still exist today. There have been many changes, such as more emphasis on benefits received and the people who could receive. These are only a couple of some major changes in the system.
Social Security: The Greatest Government Policy of All Time?

Video Summary

Social security wasn't respected for a long time, it should have been respected. Some say it could go bankrupt at any minute. This is one of the most successful government policies ever made, it is still doing very well today. The video gives you an idea of how much comes out of your pocket toward the program, and who it goes to, such as families with retired workers. Social security gives you money depending on how long you worked, and in that time, how much you made. The act has lifted 22 million Americans out of poverty so far. Baby boomers are draining 3 trillion in the Social Security funds, and because of this by 2033 social security may not be able to pay everybody that is eligible for it.