Long & McQuade

My experience at Long & McQuade

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The Store

The Long & McQuade I did my Co op term at is located on 900 Rathburn Rd.
The Boss and Manager of this location is named Pat Furlan.
The Store has many different sections for all your music needs.

Expectations, Reality.

My expectations for my Co op where,
1) To work in the music field in retail.
2) Work with like minded people.
3) Increase my overall knowledge of music.
4) Increase my knowledge of Bass guitars.
5) Hopefully end my period with a job at Long & McQuade.

The reality of working at Long & McQuade is actually extremely close to my Expectations. I've met a lot of like minded people who teach me so much about everything in the stor. What differed from my expectations was the amount of actual work was based on retail and products instead of work that offers and teaches me about new instruments or audio equipment. In the end it comes down to, its a store and you do more work then you would expect involving boxes and lifting.

Drums and Percussion

Drums and Percussion was my favorite section to be in. I don't play drums but always wanted to learn so I gravitated to the section and met the workers who become my favorite employees. I learned a lot about general drum knowledge and learned enough to make sales in drums, set up drums kits, and make recommendations. Derek Joson because my favorite employee and my best friend as Long & McQuade.


Rentals was the section I helped a lot in. I learned a lot about setting up P.A systems and lighting fixtures. I learned a lot of useful information that I can use in practical use with my band like how to record and mix a basic demo which I will use in the future. At the rental section you do a lot of testing speakers, and mics, you also do a lot of wrapping cables and bring equipment to and from peoples cars. Scott B and Jason Kee where my favorite workers in the section.

For a project during my Co op term we had to perform a demonstration of something we learned and I demonstrated setting up a simple P.A system.


The Warehouse is where I did most of my work. Almos every morning I would go and help Mark do Shipping and receiving. We would get shipped skids filled with products we would, unwrap, receive, sort, and bring them to their sections. Its a tiring job because it has some heavy lifting but its easy other then that. This part really shows the retail aspect of the shop. Mark is the only employee in the warehouse beside Shaun who bring products to schools himself.


The Guitar section is the majority of the store so you will be helping a lot with that section. The Guitar Section has many sub sections.
American made classic electrics, Shredding Electrics, Basses, and Acoustic guitars.
There are many workers to fill all the sections some more knowledgeable about certain subsections. I spent the majority of my time in the bass section and classic electrics as they are my favorite types of guitars. In terms of sales people I really liked watching Rory and Ryan they sold a lot of guitars with 2 different sales techniques and I feel it helped me understand sales in a music shop a lot more than other employees techniques.
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