Micheal Jackson

A "Thriller" of a man

Early Life

Micheal Jackson at an early age discovered he had a talent for music.His father,Joseph Jackson,was a guitarist until Micheal was born.Joseph believing his sons had a talent,he molded his family into a musical group in the early 1960's.

Going Into Bigger Things

At the age of 13 Micheal launched his first solo career.His First record ,Got to be there,Was a big hit because he made the charts Because his family band "Jackson 5". Mr. Jackson's First solo No.1 single was a song called "ballad about a rat."For the next several years Micheal was busy with recording and touring with the Jackson 5 band.In 1980 The Jackson brothers went on a tour so Micheal could branch out on his own career.

At the Top

Micheal Jackson in 1982 came out with his hit album Thriller witch sky rocketed him to the top of the charts.By this time he was the top of everything,he was on the radio and on t.v.Everyone loved his music.

Declining a Star

In 1993 Micheal Jackson was faced with child molestation charges. A 13 year old boy said that Micheal; Jackson had touched him. After the trial that the star lost his career was destroyed.He had faced finances and lots of legal fees. After a while in 2009 Micheal Jackson went into cardiac arrest in his home.This ended a amazing Life of a "Thriller" man.

Awards and albums

In 1988 Micheal Jackson got lots of MTV awards like Video Vanguard,Europe best male,Best art direction,Best choreography,Visual effect,Viewers choice And best song in a movie.Micheal Jackson Also received Grammy's.Album of the year,Song of the year,Legend award,Record of the year,Lifetime achievement award,Best music video,Best male pop vocal performance,Hall of fame,Best R&B song ,Producer of the year (Non classical),And many more.