Technology that helps!

technology for parents, teachers, and students

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Technology in the classroom

When implemented correctly technology can be very useful inside the classroom. Not only does it help the students but it helps the parents and teachers stay in tune with the new technology that their students and children are using! So really it is a win win win! Classrooms that use technology are more exciting for the teacher and as well as the student! It is an easy way to communicate between teachers and students, teachers and parents, and even parents with their children. Digital natives thrive when technology is used in classrooms so more information will be obtained by the students and retained which is a goal for the teachers and the parents!

Google Drives

Google drive is one of the best things Google has ever created. It has made sharing projects, ideas, thoughts, essays, study guides, emails, and many other things so much easier. Teachers, students, and parents are always connected with Google Drive.


iPads are one thing that has helped students in the younger grades. This device allows for easier ways to practice spelling, writing, and learn the alphabet. It also allows for children who have special needs to keep up with their peers and it also allows for teachers and parents to have instant access to the students progress in the classroom.


Pinterest is a huge tools to browse for creative ideas. It allows teachers to look for great new ways to teach and different techniques to make sure all students are staying on the same level. It is helpful for students to come up with ideas for projects and work outside the classroom. This source is also helpful for parents to find new ways to help a child study or complete a project.

Becoming more involved

While iPads are very expensive they are provided by a lot of school districts. Google drive is a free source that can be used from any device with connection to the internet. All you need for Google Drive is a valid gmail email which can be easily set up on Pinterest is also a free source to the whole population. For this site you need to set up an account with a valid email address and you are free to search and pin away! These technologies are easily incorporated into the classroom and the out comes for the children, teacher, and parents are incredible

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