Ms. Cox's 3A/3B Math Course

Fulton Science Academy Private School

September 16, 2016

Math Workshop

Math Workshop is a strategy in my classroom for students to explore multiple opportunities of math manipulatives. Students work in groups to complete ActivInspire flipcharts on our Activ Boards, Xtra Math on our classroom computers, hands on math, and direct teacher small group instruction. In this way, I individualize instruction for students. They work on an area each day (Monday-Thursday). The goal is to complete it by Friday, so students can participate in project Friday. This is an accelerated opportunity to do interactive problem solving. However, Fridays are also used as make up days to complete any workshops he/she missed throughout the week. Please encourage students to use their time wisely, so they can participate in these Friday opportunities. :)

Completion of math workshop and turning in the tracking sheet is an opportunity for students to demonstrate responsibility for learning. If they misplace their sheet, a copy will always be uploaded to FSA connect.

MATH 3A/3B Next Week

Chapter 3: Addition up to 10,000 NBT2

  • Addition Word Problems
  • Greater numbers can be added the same way 2-digit numbers are added, with or without regrouping
  • Add greater numbers without regrouping
  • Add greater numbers with regrouping in hundreds
  • Add greater numbers with regrouping in ones, tens, and hundreds
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