Kiran's Smore Flyer

Think before you drink

Drinking causes blurry vision so you cant see well. so this could lead to an acident so you could die . This could hurt others too. this could also ruin your life. This could ruin your life because if you get caught it will be permanent record and you wont get a good job or get fired .
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If you drink too much alcohol then you could get long term affects . Some of these long term affects are cancer of the mouth, tongue, throat, stomach, liver, or esophagus. another thing is by drinking too much alcohol it kills brain cells , and brain cells are irreplaceable. Also, it could give you cirrhosis.
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People who are alcoholics have mixed emotions. Also they have problems expressing their emotions. This could lead to arguments. They also have a hard time to admit that they have a problem. Another thing is they neglect responsibly like doing work, or paying bills, or even doing basic things like talking about your day.
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Kiran Malik, ODD-B