Watergate Sandal, Nixon Resigns

All about me.

My name is Melissa. I am 24 years old and work as a 3rd grade teacher. As I was waiting for my students to get back to class, I just start listening to Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder and Elvis Presley are my two most admired people. I love their music and I feel that they are some very important people. Some of my favorite things to wear are waistcoats and. Recently, some crazy things have been happening in the past couple years with the government like of course Nixon resigning and the Watergate Scandal.

What happened.

The Watergate Scandal happened over the years of 1972 through 1974. Nixon decided to bribe people to get what he wanted. There was a break into the Democratic National Commitee headquarters. There were around 5 men arrested for also breaking an entering. Investigators had Nixon hand over supcious videotapes. This was the final call for Nixon having to go to trial, with the other 5 men. After all of this happens, Nixon decides to resign. His resignation is final on August of 1974.