Tim Berners-Lee

By Emilia


Sir Timothy John was born June 8th 1955 in London, he studyed at the Queen's Collage Oxford, the university of Oxford and Emanuel school.

His parents where called Conway Berners-Lee and Mary Lee Woods.

He has won countless awards for his controbution to the modern computer systems such as:

  • MacArthur Fellowship
  • Charles Stark Draper Prize
  • Marconi Prize
  • Mountbatten Medal
  • President's Medal

He has wrote one book called Weaving the Web it was first published in 1999.

Conway Berners-Lee

British mathematician and computer scientist who worked in the team that developed the Ferranti Mark 1, the world's first computer storage program.

Mary Lee Woods.

Mathematician and computer programmer who worked in a team that developed programs for the Manchester University Mark 1, Ferranti Mark 1 and Mark 1 Star computers, this is how so met her husband Conway.

She was born on March 12, 1924 in Birmingham and is now 88 years old, She got her education at the university of Birmingham.