Maria Von Trapp

By, Carly Miles

What About Her Chilhood?

You may know Maria Von Trapp from watching the sound of music or visiting the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, VT. But by watching the movie and going to Trapps you still don't know about Maria's childhood. In this presentation I will tell you about her life from beginning to end.

Maria's Childhood

Maria was a fairly good child and worked hard in school but every day after school her father spanked her for doing things she would never dream of doing like getting in trouble in school or going to friends house instead of coming straight home. Her life went on like that for a while, until one night she realized that she might as well commit those crimes, and she will still get spanked every day like always. Her life changed immediately and in no time she was the new class clown.
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Becoming a Nun

One day on the summit of a mountain, Maria suddenly knelt down and prayed to God she told him that she would devote her life to him. She climbed down the mountain and soon after entered a convent. Her friends who had been climbing the mountain with her were extremely surprised when she told them the news but did not stop her.
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