Operation Sea Lion

By: Bethania Ledezma


It was a planned invasion on Great Britain in 1940. It was never carried out since the Germans lost the Battle of Britain. This operation mainly relied on German forces having all control of the English Channel. This meant that Germany needed to have control of the skies so that the Royal Air Force couldn't attack German ships from the air. Germany needed to come out victorious in the Battle of Britain to gain air control.

What if the Germans did come out victorious in the Battle of Britain?

It is said that IF German forces did gain control over the skies, that they would have to keep the British navy from defeating the German navy. But Britain also had intelligence and somehow every German agent in Britain was caught and we're forced to feed false information to the Nazis. So even if the Germans came out victorious in the Battle of Britain, Germany would still have to overcome many obstacles put on by Britain.