Paterson Press

Week of Sept. 21, 2015

We had a busy week last week. We had the "Power" with our Internet Safety messages and tips. We saw a magic show on Wednesday to review how important internet safety is and what to do. It was fun but very informative.

Thank you for everyone who sent in the permission slips for our field trip to Texas Motor Speedway. We are all set to go. It will be very exciting for the whole school. We even have our own special bus just for our kiddos. Mrs. Hayunga thought of everything. Keep reading with your children and keep your logs. The homeroom teachers are in charge of this. We also read in the classroom and keep track of those books.

We also celebrated International "Dot" Day. We listened to the story, "The Dot" and talked about making our own unique mark. We can all share our special talents and be respectful of others. "Just make your mark"! You can watch the video on-line. There is also a cute song to go with it.

We made homemade applesauce on Friday. We loved the smell of cinnamon and apples in the classroom.

In other news, we are all moved into our house. We have lots of boxes to unpack and look forward to getting settled. The smell of cardboard in my house is overwhelming. It will all get done. (one day).

Have a great week.