Bring your MacBook Air!

You should do this everyday!

Always be Prepared!

In order to be ready for each and every class, always have your charged MacBook Air each and every day! Sure, we may not use them for every minute of every class, but you can bet that we will have time in class every day when they can and will be used.

Chemistry Class: A Blended Experience

Each Chemistry class will offer an opportunity to use your MacBook Air. Whether Mr. Senn has created an in-class activity or allows you to use the time in class to master the content or complete assessments on Moodle, it will be extremely beneficial for you to have your charged MacBook Air.

Meet Your Instructor:

The most amazing Chemistry teacher you will have this year! He has his degree in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University, so he knows his stuff. He is also on the cutting-edge when it comes to involving technology in the classroom, so good for you!