Quitters Inc.

By Stephen King

Plot line overview

Exposition: The exposition is when Morrison meets his old school friend who recommends the company to him, piquing his interest.

Rising Action: The rising action occurs when he decides to learn more about the company by meeting the counselor.

Climax: The climax is when he learns about the methods that they use, and then his wife is electrocuted for thirty seconds.

Falling Action: The falling action is when he has stopped smoking for a few months and he goes in for a final meeting to get some weight control pills.

Conclusion: The conclusion is when the Morrison receives the bill in the mail and his wife tells him to pay it.


The main theme in this story is fear and love. Fear of his loved ones getting hurt causes him to quit smoking so that his wife and son, whom he doesn't like to think or talk about in the beginning and he comes to realize that he loves his son even though he has a mental illness.

Character Information

The main characters are Morrison and Donatti, the counselor. Morrison is indirectly described as an overweight smoker who has a cold heart, because he basically disowns his son because he is different and many bad habits. Donatti is indirectly described as a rich, smug man who takes pleasure in other peoples pain and suffering because he smiles and acts happy while telling Morrison about the methods they employ, especially when Morrison's wife gets electrocuted for half a minute.

Major Conflict

The major conflict is an internal battle in Morrison, as he wants to keep smoking but at the same time he realizes that if he quits smoking, then maybe his wife and him will get closer, maybe he will start to lose weight and maybe he could move up in his job.

Figurative Language

There is a bit of foreshadowing in the beginning when Morrison and his old school friend, Jimmy McCann are busy catching up. Morrison "Did you put on any weight?"

For a moment he thought Jimmy McCann looked almost grim. "Yes, A little too much in fact. But I took it off again. I'm about right now. I was skinny before." This is foreshadowing for later, because you learn about one of the methods and then at the very end you learn that Jimmy's wife is missing her little finger.

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The most compelling aspect of the story

The most compelling aspect of the story is the constant guessing. The whole story keeps you on the edge of your seat, and just when you think you know what is going to happen, something happens that twists it and makes it completely different than what you thought. There is also the matter of Donatti and the methods they use. The story is written so that you want to keep reading to find out how they get people to quit, then once you do, you have to keep reading till the end because you want to see if Morrison can quit and how much it takes, and even whether his wife and son get involved or not.