Margarita Golub

Margarita Golub Believes in Empowering Women

Margarita Golub believes in empowering and educating women to be all that they can be. From her history of being a volunteer tutor at a school for underprivileged students to her affiliations with the Women’s Management Council and 85 Broads, Margarita Golub has shown a dedication to helping young women become leaders in the community and in the business world.

When she was working in the financial industry, Margarita Golub was an active volunteer at ABCD High School in Boston, where she was a tutor. Margarita Golub was the inspiration and influence on many young women to finish high school and go on to college. So many young women get sidetracked in high school and never finish and Margarita Golub wanted to help some of them get back on the track to success.

During this same time Margarita Golub was an active member of the networking group 85 Broads. Margarita Golub was on the leadership committee of this organization, whose mission is to empower young women to be educated, connected, and to become business leaders. 85 Broads is open to women of all walks of life, from students to CEO’s. Margarita Golub saw that this was a place of encouragement and helps in making business connections that last a lifetime.

Based on the encouragement that she received from her involvement with 85 Broads, Margarita Golub went back to school to complete her Master’s degree. Margarita Golub was the president of the Women’s Management Council at Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business. This is an organization that supports and encourages women to become top business leaders and pushes them to create real and lasting impact in the world.

Margarita Golub has always believed in encouraging women to be all that they can be. From her involvement in many different organizations we can see that Margarita Golub’s commitment is strong. Margarita Golub believes in teaching young women to be successful and strong leaders in the community and the business world.

Investment and Insurance Experience is Margarita Golub’s Strength

Margarita Golub is an expert in the investment and insurance area of finance. While working in the financial industry, Margarita Golub completed the exams for several Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Service Licenses. Each license shows Margarita Golub’s expertise in a different area of finance. Margarita Golub holds licenses in FINRA series 6, 63 and 65 and a life, accident, & health license, as well as a resident individual producer license.

FINRA is the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. The first FINRA license that Margarita Golub holds is in Series 6. Margarita Golub received this license after completing the exam in investments, company and variable contracts; this has a concentration in mutual funds and variable annuities. After completing her license in series 6 which focuses on mutual funds and variable annuities, Margarita Golub went on to complete the exam in series 63. Series 63 is the uniform securities agent state law exam. This exam focuses on the securities industry standards. Following the series 63 exam Margarita Golub went on to take the series 65 exam. This would give Margarita Golub a license in registered investment adviser law. These licenses show her commitment to her clients. Margarita Golub believes in giving her clients the best and most current information possible when they are making investment decisions.

In addition to her FINRA certifications, Margarita Golub also held a life, accident, & health license and a resident individual producer license. These licenses prove that she is a true professional in the world of insurance and is always looking out for her clients’ best interests. Margarita Golub is an expert in the investment and insurance worlds and knows how to keep up with the latest in finance. When working in the finance world Margarita Golub had over 250 clients. Many of the return clients would specifically request to work with Margarita Golub because they recognized that she is a true professional and that she was looking out for them.

Margarita Golub Believes that Education is Important

Margarita Golub has always believed in the power of higher education. After completing her Bachelor’s degree and entering the workforce, Margarita Golub knew that she needed to get her Master’s degree. Margarita Golub returned to Cornell University in 2011 to complete her Master’s degree. Margarita Golub had been tutoring children and encouraging them to continue their education, so it was not too difficult for her to take her own advice.

When it comes to choosing a university, Margarita Golub chose one that has a very strong global business degree. Margarita Golub know that she wanted to be an active part of the global business community so she enrolled in Suffolk University. In 2006, Margarita Golub graduated from Suffolk University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in global business and marketing. Margarita Golub understands the value of a quality education that will give her a focus on the global economy, which is why she chose Suffolk University.

After earning her Bachelor’s degree, Margarita Golub began to work in the financial industry. After five years working in multiple areas of the insurance and investment field of finance, Margarita Golub knew that she needed to return and get her MBA. Margarita Golub realized that she needed to make sure she had an education that was focused on the global market. When choosing a university to complete her MBA, Margarita Golub looked for the best.

Margarita Golub continued her love of education by enrolling in Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business. She decided to go to Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business because of their focus on looking at the global view of education. From 2011 to 2013 Margarita Golub attended Cornell University and was active in the university community. In 2013 Margarita Golub graduated with her Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Strategy.

Margarita Golub Uses Social Media to Stay Connected

Margarita Golub believes in using all that technology has to offer us to stay connected to clients, business connections, and family. Using sites like LinkedIn, Margarita Golub is able to keep up with what her colleagues around the world are doing. By using sites like Facebook, Margarita Golub is able to keep up with her family and friends around the world. Margarita Golub knows that social media is an important part of her personal and professional life.

Professional interaction on sites liked LinkedIn provide a connection to colleagues from work and also from networking activities. The updates on LinkedIn keep Margarita Golub up to date on who has changed positions or has been promoted. It is also a way for Margarita Golub to look for new business opportunities. Keeping up with contacts from around the world gives Margarita Golub an edge in her professional life.

With family all over the world, sites like Facebook allow Margarita Golub to see pictures of family and updates on who is graduating, who is getting married or who is having a baby. Margarita Golub is able to see when the next family reunion is being scheduled so she will be able to spend time with her family. Margarita Golub understands the value of having a balance in her personal and professional life.

Margarita Golub knows that having a global connection is important. Our world has gotten so much smaller and we are so connected with the rest of the world. In using technology and social media, Margarita Golub is connected to all parts of the world. Margarita Golub is able to keep in touch with childhood friends and family in Russia, as well as business contacts from around the world. Using technology to the fullest will help Margarita Golub stay at the top of her field and make her one of the most influential women in the financial industry.

Family Business Growth with Margarita Golub

Margarita Golub understands the business world on a global level. During the last seven years she has been actively helping a family business grow. Margarita Golub knows the differences between working with a global company and working with a family business, and here she gives some tips on growing a family business. While Margarita Golub knows that many of the business principles on the global scale are applicable to the family owned business, there are some major differences.

One of the main differences that Margarita Golub sees when working with a family business as opposed to a national company is that it is personal. You cannot fire your mother or sister and then expect to have a peaceful family holiday meal a few days later. Margarita Golub knows that when you fire someone from a national company you can still go home and have the love and support from your family. This is why she recommends that you have very clearly-defined roles for each family member who is active in the business. Having duties spelled out in advance can help to prevent arguments over who was supposed to handle what part of a project, if it comes down to messy disagreements in the thick of one.

Margarita Golub also recommends that you have outside auditors go over all aspects of the business every year to make sure that salaries are competitive and that all employees, regardless if they are family or not are treated equally. Favoritism is many times a complaint of non-family members who are working in family-owned businesses, and is something that should be handled with care.

Margarita Golub uses her international business skills to assist a family business in Eastern European skin care to succeed. She understands that many of the same business principles that are applied on the global scale are also applicable to the family-owned business.

Margarita Golub Uses Her Education and Global Business Skills to Help Her Community

Margarita Golub knows it is important to give back to her community. From her time growing up in Russia to her college years, Margarita Golub has always been active in her community. Margarita Golub encourages others to volunteer in their community to make an impact in the world.

Margarita Golub has been a tutor at ABCD High School in Boston, MA. ABCD is an alternative high school for underprivileged young adults who, without this program, might never finish high school. Margarita Golub knows the value of a good education and uses her skills to encourage and educate these young adults. She knows that without a high school education their choice of career will be very limited. Margarita Golub helped young men and women see the value of an education and helped create a passion in them for learning.

The Women’s Management Council’s primary function is to encourage young women in college to pursue top leadership positions in the business world. During Margarita Golub’s time as president she was instrumental in educating women in how to have an impact in their community and in the world by becoming the leaders in the business world. Margarita Golub believes in empowering young women to be successful in business.

According to Margarita Golub everyone should volunteer in their community to make the world a better place. Margarita Golub’s first piece of advice is to find something that you love and are passionate about. For Margarita Golub, this was helping young women become successful in business and in the world. In addition to helping by tutoring at the high school, Margarita Golub also was president of the Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business’ Women’s Management Council. Margarita Golub knows the value of giving back to her community and encourages others to step up and help out to make the community and world a better place.

Margarita Golub is an Active Member of 85 Broads, Boston Chapter

Margarita Golub joined 85 Broads, Boston Chapter in 2009. 85 Broads is a global network of over 30,000 women who are connected worldwide. These women range from students to women who are professionals in the business world like Margarita Golub. The main goal of 85 Broads is to inspire, empower, and connect women worldwide via professional virtual and personal networking. The members of 85 Broads encourage young women to be leaders in the business community by continuing their education and taking leadership positions in the world of finance.

Being an active member of 85 Broads from 2009 to 2011 inspired Margarita Golub to return to college. In 2011, Margarita Golub enrolled in Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business. Seeing how a group of women, globally-connected and powerful can change the world has inspired Margarita Golub to continue to study global business. Margarita Golub realizes that we operate in a global economy and that our financial choices affect the world market. Margarita Golub completed her Master’s degree in 2013 and continues to encourage women to become active members of networking organizations and become leaders in the business world.

Margarita Golub has seen first-hand the influence of being part of a global network like 85 Broads has had in her own life, and she encourages other women to join organizations like 85 Broads to become connected globally. Membership in organizations like 85 Broads shows Margarita Golub’s commitment to helping other women succeed in business, not only in the Boston area but in the world. 85 Broads is a nationally recognized leader in empowering women to be educated and to continue to flourish in the business community. Margarita Golub is a shining example of how affiliation with such an organization can help continue a young professional like Margarita Golub on the path to future career success.

Margarita Golub is a Proud Graduate of Suffolk University

Margarita Golub is a proud graduate of Suffolk University. She received her Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a concentration in global business and marketing from Suffolk University in 2006. During her time at Suffolk University, Margarita Golub received many awards for scholastic excellence. From 2002 to 2004 she was awarded the Delta Alpha Pi Award for scholastic excellence. Very few people have been awarded this honor multiple years. It takes someone like Margarita Golub with very strong academic skills and a commitment to her education to be a multi-year recipient of this award. Margarita Golub was also awarded the Beta Gamma Sigma award for being in the top 10% of her class while at Suffolk University.

Suffolk University was founded in 1906 and has been one of the country’s leading universities in the business field since its creation. Margarita Golub knows that the quality of your education is very important and this was a deciding factor when she chose Suffolk University for her degree. Suffolk also has an international presence with universities around the world. Margarita Golub’s degree is in global business and attending a university that has an international presence was a great bonus to her desire to be part of the international business community. With her education from one of the leading universities in the field of global business, Margarita Golub is sure to be one to watch in the global business field.

Because of the quality education that Margarita Golub received from Suffolk University, she would recommend her alma mater to anyone looking to be part of the worldwide business community. Margarita Golub enjoys participating in activities that will bring more young people, particularly women, to Suffolk University. Being an alumnus of such a prestigious university has opened many doors for Margarita Golub in her professional life in finance.

Margarita Golub Received Her MBA from Cornell University

After graduating from Suffolk University, Margarita Golub entered the world of finance. She spent five years in financial services where she worked in multiple areas including investments and insurance. While Margarita Golub was working in finance, she could see that she needed her go back to school and get her MBA to get further in her career. In 2011, she decided to enroll in Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business and get her MBA. She had been continuing her education while working and had received several licenses in the fields of finance, investing and insurance, but Margarita Golub could see that to get where she wanted to go in her career she would need to get her Master’s degree.

After realizing that she would need to continue her education to further her career, Margarita Golub researched universities that would offer the quality of a Master’s degree that she needed. Cornell University was top of her list with its Johnson School of Business. This school has a worldwide presence and allows students to take classes online as well as in a classroom setting. Using technology to reach a global audience is something that Margarita Golub is very interested in, so a university that had the same priorities was a draw for her. While attending Cornell, Margarita Golub competed in case competitions which a focus on performance, leadership skills, and collaborative efforts. Students compete in teams and have to work together quickly to solve difficult tasks. Margarita Golub’s team was awarded second place when she competed in the Citi Integrative Case Competition in 2011. Margarita Golub was also on the team that took second place when she competed in the Deloitte Johnson Case Competition.

With her focus on competition and her degree from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business, Margarita Golub is sure to go far in the global business world. Margarita Golub is a proud and determined graduate of Cornell University and a stand out student from its Johnson School of Business.