By: Bridgette Molina


  • Some benefits at Bedinal is one of the best places to look for if your looking for a place that has a Free Enterprise Economy
  • Our country has a Government protection for the business so that the consumers can have a overview of the jobs our country has to provide for you.
  • Also our country organizes goods and services that let an individuals create things and make profit.
  • Our country have regulation that will protect you and your family. so let your children come here to Bedinal.


  • How the system works: we take control of the bad people and your freely obligated to do whatever you want. Queen of Bedinal, our founder is the head of the government and is in charge of everything that you do.
  • How you get paid: get a job that you would like to do in the future/ present or get a job with good opportunities, and that's how much you get paid.
  • How we buy and sell things: By making a website or by going to the market.