By Tommy Gonzalez

Facts about Alaska

as you know my dream vacation is Alaska and Alaska is located on the north american continent as well as the reason I would like to go there the reason is because the sunsets are awesome and dont forget the lakes they are awesome.

What makes Alaska so great to go to

What makes Alaska such a great place to go? well 1 its very relaxing 2 beautiful morning and afternoon sun 3 the lakes they are very clear and reflecting when the sun is shining thats three reasons Alaska is a very great place to go to

10 reasons that make Alaska so great

1. more than three million lakes

2. dog mushing is state official sport

3.Alaska is named after a mining Eskimo

4.17 of 20 highest peaks are in Alaska

5.first settlement was by russian whalers in war war 2

7.William H. said that Alaska is worth 7,200,000 dollars

8.Alaska is called lower 48

9.Alaska is popular for tundras and many more third of Alaska is the artic circle