Bashful Blue Whale

By: Nick Napolitano


Have you ever wondered what the biggest non-extinct animal is? Many people ask themselves that. It is the Blue Whale. Some main topics about it is diet, movement,and body structure. The Blue Whale is a large and fun creature.


In conclusion, this colossal creature is very amazing and shocking. The body structure, diet, and movement is beautiful and exciting. But, the sad thing is this amazing animal is endangered. You can help prevent Blue Whale extinction. Save the Blue Whale!

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Go Fish

Can you imagine having a budget of 250 dollars to spend on a fish tank. I did just that. I started my tank by buying a filter and cartilages. Next, I bought neon green gravel. I then put decor. Some of it was an artificial coral reef. My theme was a reef. My chooses of fish were the 1 Black & White Heniochus, 1Nassarius Snail, and 8 Amano Shrimp. I chose them because the have many different colors and varieties.

This is a comic about crabs and lobsters having claws.

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Pink Panther Theme Song 10 Hours

Saturday, Feb. 18th 2017 at 12am-11:45pm

Maui, Maui County, HI, United States


Pacific Whale Foundation presents the Maui Whale Festival annually to raise awareness and inspire action to protect whales and their ocean habitat. The Festival includes World Whale Day & Parade of Whales -- held every February on the Saturday before Presidents Day.

Kingdom of the Blue Whale