By: Christopher Kha

What is a Cri-Du-Chat?

Cris du chat is a disease that makes a newborn baby have low weight. It is also called 5p, chromosome 5, and the cat cry syndrome these are only three of the names that is also called cri du chat . It is caused by a missing the chromosome 5 in your body. Abnormal Larynx development.
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Prenatal test and Symptoms

The prenatal test would be Abnormal maternal serum test, Fetal chromosomal analysis, and Ultrasound-detected structural abnormalities. The symptoms for Cri du chat is high pitch cry like a car or kitten, mental retardation, and also delayed development.

What populations is affected?


No medical assistance because there is no treatment or care for cri du chat. New born babies when they are born with low weight, the skin folds over the eye a little, a small head with a round face. There are also no cure for this disease because it happens randomly.
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Status and Research

Geneticists are trying to determine the specific location on the chromosome that causes the particularCri du chat traits. They believe that one gene, called CTNND2, is responsible for the loss of intellectual ability.