Feb. 22- Feb. 26, 2016


The Character Prize Assembly will be on Monday afternoon at 1:30. These are the students who reached the goal for the district fundraiser. Please wait for students to be called over the intercom.

Wednesday is an early release PD Day (11:15). The schedule for the day is as follows:
11:15 Students dismissed
11:30-12:00 Staff Lunch
12:00-12:30 Staff meeting
12:30-3:00 1. DEA data analysis
2. SILT Updates
3. Re-evaluate your "I CAN" statements to "Outcomes" on spreadsheet.
Start with Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies.

The Central Band will be performing for East students on Wednesday morning at 9:00 in the gym. Wait to be called down over the intercom.

Thursday is Data Day.

Yearbook orders are due Friday.

Parental Engagement, Something to ponder: How do you defuse angry parents who are probably carrying a load of emotional baggage that dates back to their own days in school? First, recognize that parents have the right to influence what happens to their children in school. Be very clear that their requests will be treated with respect, as long as they are made in a civil manner. Second, set up a proactive process for collaborating with families to monitor students' progress, address their difficulties, and plan for their future. The goal is to avoid a situation in which some families have (or seem to have) a lot of inside influence, while others have (or feel they have) little or none. (Taken from the book, Beyond the Bake Sale)


Monday: Character Prize Assembly @ 1:30


Wednesday: Early release, 11:15, Team meetings, Central Band @ 9:00

Thursday: Data Day

Friday: Yearbook orders due
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