The Neon Gnome


Symbol: Ne

Atomic Number: 10

Average Atomic Mass: 20.1797

# of Electrons:10

# of Protons: 10

Colorless, Odorless, Tasteless

Used in fluorescent lighting, neon lighting, and helium-neon lasers

A Long Time Ago

One Day, Nathan Gregory was working in his friendly neighborhood Tattoo Parlor. Nathan was a short, stocky fellow, and was often made fun of for his small size and even smaller personality. All he really did with his days was eat tacos, sleep in his basement apartment, and give people misspelled tattoos. One day his sister Stephanie Gregory was walking down the steps to his apartment, and tripped on a couple taco takeout bags, because she couldn't see in his dark apartment. Plunging to her death due to a sudden sinkhole, Nathan Gregory watched his sister die a slow and painful death. The next day, after giving his last round of crappy tattoos, Nathan was subject to a huge, magical explosion in the store. He passed out only to wakeup and find that his body glowed a magnificent red color, and he shone light a thousand bright neon lights. Realizing the true potential of his newfound powers, our new hero first grabbed himself his third helping of chili cheese fries, and then went out on the town to light the way for all of the nighttime travelers. Never again will anyone trip and die in the dark. The Neon Gnome would save the day.


Using the neon gas within him, Nathan Gregory can now light up a city block with his neon light arms. He can also use that gas to push out his bottom and propel himself slightly into the air. Slightly. He also uses his neon gas as a refrigerant to cool his tacos.
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