The Boy Who Saved Baseball

By:Chase Carroll


One person is not the whole team.

Cruz de la Cruz

He helped the team become better and beileve in themselves then the day of the big game,then he left.

How Tom has changed and grew.

He used to be the one of the worst players on his small team. Now he is better than he was. He used to see Maria as just another person on the very small team and now he likes her.


They had gotten done practicing and they went to bed and before dawn they figured out that Cruz had mysteriously left. They checked Screwballs stable and he was long gone. He had left his uniform. Maria said that she had a weird dream that Cruz left without saying anything. Then they had to play the big game by themselves.Then they won after Tom hit a pop fly.

My hero

My hero is my dad. He helps me whenever I need help. He always says I can do it when it is hard. He is understanding.