Coaches' Corner

March, 2021

Big Thank You!!

First, I just wanted to thank all of you that responded to the two surveys sent out last month. The information was helpful and much needed.

As an update for those of you pursuing microcredentials, you will be receiving an email with further details. We now have more details available regarding this program on our District Website > Teaching & Learning > Professional Development > Microcredentials.

Hey! (Reminder and Clarification from Ryan)

Monday is one of those kids-stay-home-but-we-have-to-come, PLC days. Your group should have their Essential Standards (GVCs) ready to publish on the district website and continue the conversation about how kids prove competency for each of those standards.

We’ve spent years discussing what is important for us to teach, now the conversation must move to what kids can do to show that they have learned. Hopefully, this PLC meeting will take an hour or so and you will be released into your classroom.

Please, please, please reach out to your friendly neighborhood instructional coach on Monday (or any day) for consultation and collaboration.

Apple Education

Apple has a whole bunch of resources that can help teachers improve their instruction, streamline their processes, and facilitate growth in student learning.

Here's a quick guide of 30 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers: click on the image link for more.

Apple's Teaching & Learning From Home site serves as a nexus for all things Apple Education related. Just a warning though, it can be an easy start for multiple rabbit-hole diversions of discovery. Definitely a site worthy of bookmarking!
Apple also has lots of quick video guides in their Apple Education Learning Series, which you can find by clicking on the box below and then browsing through some of their other videos. The example below is one that will be useful for anyone wishing to present or screen-record from an iPad. This may be a helpful video to share with students so they know how to present their learning possibly in a different format.

NSSD Literacy

Brook (our Reading Specialist Instructional Coach) put together some helpful resources and information in relation to our Literacy Goals in coordination with the State Literacy Goals. Please check out her tips and links to other articles regarding literacy in the document linked below.