2019 Annual Nūpepa

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What is this nūpepa and why should I read it?

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in Hawaii Ultimate, and as an active member of our Frisbee community, you should know all about it! The HULA Hōʻike Annual Nūpepa is an effort to keep members of the community apprised of important events, changes, and resources that come from being a part of the Hawaii Ultimate League Association. Check out our Facebook page and website to stay up to date, and join our listserv so you don’t miss important announcements!

A message from the HULA Board President


How is it the end of 2019 already? Time really does fly when you’re playing Ultimate non-stop all year round! Luckily our tropical island home is blessed with amazing weather and an even better community to help make sure the fun doesn’t end. The Hawaii Ultimate League Association Board of Directors (BoD) were busy this year ensuring our leagues were running smoothly, supporting a plethora of events across the State, and developing our outreach strategy to help grow youth Ultimate alongside the community in general.

Moreover, we went through a changing of the guard so to speak as we said goodbye to high profile members (Rachel Lindsay, Michelle Swan, Michael Albanese, and Alex Simpson) that have served on the BoD for years. They were instrumental in keeping the community thriving and definitely helped shape it into what it is today. We miss them constantly. But never fear!

At the same time, we welcomed in “new blood” (Ryan Little, James Rapoza-Lee, Jaimie Chhu, and Caleb Stanley) that are full of enthusiasm and fresh perspective. We are confident they will help usher in an exciting new chapter in HULA history.

The 2019-2020 roster is as follows:

President: Marissa Lubong

Vice President: Steve Aguilar

Treasurer: Jena Kline

Secretary: Nadine Wolff

League Liaisons: Colin Morgan-Outhisack, Caleb Stanley

Small Events Coordinators: Steve Atwell, Kee Campbell

Members: Ryan Little (Outreach), James Rapoza-Lee (Outreach), Jaimie Chhu (Assistant Treasurer)

On behalf of the BoD, mahalo for your continued support of HULA! We can’t do it without all of our community ohana!

- Marissa

HULA BoD New Position: Outreach

This year, the HULA BoD established two Community Outreach board positions. These positions are currently held by Ryan Little and James Rapoza-Lee. The actual position description is as follows:

The Board shall establish a Community Outreach Member from amongst the directors. The Small Events Volunteer Coordinator shall be confirmed by a majority of the Board of Directors. The Community Outreach Member shall: 1. Reasonably attempt to grow the HULA community by hosting or attending events targeting populations that are under-represented in the HULA community; 2. Manage Aloha Grants and HULAships for various HULA events; 3. Administer information regarding HULA-sanctioned events via the Hawaii Ultimate Facebook page and other affiliated pages when so appropriate; 4. Work to develop a thriving youth ultimate community in Hawaii; and 5. Manage various outreach-minded fundraisers when directed by the President or Board.

Basically, the Board wants to make sure that every single person feels welcome, and that we're doing everything we can to grow the community. So, while we have our official duties, you can think of the Community Outreach position as the first point of contact for all things HULA — point new players toward us, be sure to ask us about HULAships and Aloha Grants, and definitely ask what the 411 is for frisbee in the 808. In the coming weeks and months, we'll be working with interested parties to develop youth ultimate and will be discussing events and other ideas to grow HULA. If you have interesting outreach ideas, let us know!

HULA Board Update

The purpose of the Hawaii Ultimate League Association (HULA) is to educate, encourage, and promote Ultimate and other disc-related activities as well as to promote the Spirit of the Game concept through regular league play, tournaments and educational programs for both youth and adults. Every year people from the community volunteer their time to make sure that HULA runs smoothly. We meet periodically throughout the year to plan and discuss HULA matters; any HULA member is welcome to attend these meetings. Meeting minutes are posted on the HULA website. You’re automatically a HULA member if you participate in leagues and pay your HULA dues.

HULA Storage
HULA owns lots of equipment that gets utilized throughout the year at our leagues and tournaments. Our very own Matson container resides on the farmland directly behind the polo fields in Waimanalo. We pay a yearly storage fee (some of your HULA dues go to this) and can access it whenever needed.

HULA Equipment
Each year we replace old and broken equipment.

We carry insurance that you may utilize should you get injured while playing at a HULA event. You may utilize this as your primary or secondary insurance post-injury.

We fund small events throughout the year for the community. This year we funded Wahine Weekend, Tweedle Beetle Beach Battle, The Flyin’ Hawaiian, and Hawaii State Championships. If you have an idea for a small event you can apply for an Aloha Grant (up to $500)!

We offer HULAships to community members who may not have a lot of funds to participate in our annual tournaments, Hopu Ka Lewa and Kaimana Klassik. The Board reviews all applications and will waive part or all of the deserving applicant’s registration fee in exchange for volunteering at the tournament.

Treasurer's Report

We continue to maintain a robust financial situation. Historically, HULA has made most of its annual income from our two biggest tournaments: Kaimana Klassik and Hopu Ka Lewa. In flush years, income from those two tournaments has been allocated to "rainy day" funds that are meant to keep HULA going through any dry times. Within the past 2 years, Hopu has gone on indefinite hiatus and Kaimana’s operating costs have become less predictable as we are forced to find new tournament/party venues. However, fear not, HULA is still on extremely firm financial footing and currently has enough on hand to fund operations for several years.

Whenever possible, we try to balance HULA’s yearly budget without tapping into our "rainy day" funds. The vast majority of our income this year was in the form of HULA dues, with a small amount coming from disc sales. Besides operating expenses (insurance, storage and website fees, etc), HULA continued to sponsor events through Aloha Grants (Flyin’ Hawaiian Disc Golf Tournament, Hilo Hat Draw, Melee, HUSC, Wahine Weekend) and offset tournament fees through HULAships.

Unfortunately, this year was a bit of an exception in terms of a balanced budget. As you can see from the Profit and Loss report for the calendar year 2019 through December 21, 2019, we've had a net loss of $3,105.44. Most of that loss came in the form of a $5200 penalty for late filing our 2016-2018 taxes. The Board has identified how the problem occurred and is working tirelessly with our accountant to make sure that we never incur such a penalty again.

Additionally, a revised budget is in the works and we’re continuing to consider low-risk investment opportunities for our “rainy day" funds. Although it would be ideal to operate completely under the umbrella of HULA dues, we will continue to work with the tournament organizers and adjust our dues accordingly to maintain a robust financial situation.

If you have any questions or would like to know the balance of any of our financial accounts, please feel free to contact HULA’s Treasurer, Jena Kline.

Happy New Year!

HULA All-Star Volunteer Award

The HULA All-Star Volunteer Award goes to an individual that goes above and beyond and dedicates their time and energy to making our community better. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today!

This year's award goes to Lev Gerstle. The scientist who cares about our corals and our Keiki, Lev organized youth clinics AND commissioned fall league! He's also a pick up regular to boot. What a superstar -- Thank you Lev!

HULA League Recaps 2018

HULA currently runs three leagues per year; Spring, Summer, and Fall. These leagues usually last between six and eight weeks with a one-day final tournament at the end. The success of our leagues relies upon the dedication of our own players who volunteer their time to commission and captain teams for the leagues.

Thank you to our league commissioners and captains, who did a great job running the leagues in 2019. We had excellent participation, plenty of fresh faces, very good spirit, and awesome league parties.

We are excited to announce a new Winter Beach League held on Saturdays in January (Registration is now open). Spring League 2020 will be announced in January or February so keep an eye out. If you are interested in captaining or commissioning a league, please contact any member of the board. Thanks and see you on the field at league!

Spring League

Theme: A League of Their Own

Location: Kapiolani Park

Dates: 3/10/19 to 5/12/19

Commissioners: Colin Morgan-Outhisack & James Rapoza-Lee


  • Aiea Auntiez: Rebecca Peet and Sherry Suehiro
  • Haleiwa HERicanes: Jaimie Chuu and Christine Tasato
  • Kaimuki Country Clubbers: Brittany Cheathem and Jordan Little
  • Kaka’ako Kweens: Macey Sandford and Paige Blasberg
  • Le’ahi Landsharks: Jena Kline and Rachel Lindsey
  • Mililani Mai Tais: Marissa Lubong and Lexi Tansey.

Finals: HERicanes were a force of nature and took down the Auntiez of Aiea

Finals Party: A family fun day at Waimanalo beach with an evening fiesta at Ong King

Spring League 2019 was a very special season for Hawai’i Ultimate. The league theme was “A League of their Own”, which paid tribute to the amazing women of the ultimate community. Led by an amazing all-female group of captains, Spring League 2019 was an amazing display of spirit and competitiveness.

The regular season had a mixture of results for each team. It was a rough season for the Kaimuki Country Clubbers who finished with a record of 1-17. However, their high class and spirit were outstanding throughout the season. The Kaka’ako Kweens fared slightly better going 4-14 while keeping their Krowns held high. The Le’ahi Landsharks rode a nice wave to a 12-6 regular-season record. The Mililani Mai Tais finished with a record of 8-10 with Mai Tais in hand all season. The Auntiez of Aiea showed all the keiki how it's done with an impressive 14-4 record. The Haleiwa HERicanes were a storm to be reckoned with all season as they finished with a league-best 15-3 record.

Finals day began with the Mai Tais taking down the Kweens of Kaka’ako and the Land Sharks defeating the Country Clubbers of Kaimuki. In the semi-final, the 1 and 2 seeds took care of business as the HERicanes beat the Kweens and the Auntiez defeated the Land Sharks. In an amazing and hard-fought final, the HERicanes were a force of nature and took down the Auntiez of Aiea to claim the Spring League 2019 Championship!

Summer Beach League

Theme: 90's Summer Throwback

Location: Sherwood Beach Park, Waimanalo

Dates: 6/16/18 to 7/28/18

Commissioners: Nick Dunbar & Jackie Wataoka


  • Fannypackers: Lev Gerstle and Becca Salwin
  • You've Got Mail: Kee Campbell and Spirit Artis
  • Saved by the Flat-Ball: James Rapoza-Lee and Brittney Cheatham
  • Smells Like Beach Spirit: Sean Munnelly and Hillary Broad
  • Baby Got Backhands: John Black and Marissa Lubong
  • Gak Attack: Nadine Wolff and Steve Aguilar

Finals: Played at Waimanalo - You've Got Mail beat Gak Attack

Finals Party: BEACH PARTY with Beach Clean-up organized by Trees-to-Seas

Big picture

Fall League

Theme: Leonardo DiCaprio Really Wants an Oscar

Location: Kapiolani Park

Dates: 9/8/19 to 11/3/19

Commissioners: Lev Gerstle & Colin Morgan-Outhisack


  • Catch me if you can: Kiana Adams & Sean Munnelly
  • Django Unbroken: Sherry Suehiro & James Rapoza-Lee
  • Romper Room: Shane Toombs & Brian Wright
  • The D-Parted: Jamie Chhu & Steve Atwell
  • The Greatest Gatsby: Marissa Lubong & Caleb Stanley
  • The Wolf on Stall Street: Brian Maulucci & Jason Anthenien

Finals: Played at Kapiolani – The D-parted beat Catch Me If You Can

Finals Party: The party was held at Aloha Beer Co. in Kaka'ako. Beer and games were had to the sweet tunes of DJ Globes and DJ Tassles.

Kaimana Klassik & Hopu Ka Lewa

Kaimana Klassik 32 - Welcome to Waikiki

After 15 years at the beautiful Waimanalo polo fields, Kaimana Klassik returned to its roots this year by holding the tournament at beautiful Kapi`olani Park under iconic Diamond Head crater. Did you know that the very first two Kaimana Klassiks were at Kapi`olani Park?

The tournament was held on February 22-24, 2019 with evening festivities hosted by Aloha Beer, Ong King, and Hawaiian Brians. The Kommittee worked hard to create an inclusive atmosphere and finding venues all over town with exciting entertainment. Twenty teams from the US (West to East coast), Canada, and Australia were invited to join us and battled it out under blue-bird skies. Congrats to the tournament champions: Mirimar Top Gun and the Great British Bark off as well as to the spirit award winners: Killer Clowns and Party in the USA.

A HUGE mahalo the Tournament Directors Rachel Lindsey & Nadine Wolff, the Kaimana Kommittee, our photographers, and the many volunteers for coming together and making this "new" Kaimana Klassik a success! For dates and registration info for Kaimana Klassik 33, 2020, scroll to the bottom of this newsletter.

Big picture

Hopu Ka Lewa - Indefinitely on Hold

Hopu Ka Lewa remains on indefinite hiatus as the hunt for a new venue continues. Mahalo nui loa for your continued support and tremendous aloha! We hope to send good news soon. A hui hou!

If you are interested in the search for a new venue or have ideas on how to reinvent the tournament, please feel free to reach out to any of the HULA Board members.

HULA Sponsored Small Events

Wahine Weekend

The 2019 Wahine Weekend was hosted by HULA Wahine Alex Simpson and Nadine Wolff. The weekend kicked off on Saturday with drills, working on our skills, and a fantastic scrimmage at Ala Moana Beach Park. We also discussed how we can be more welcoming to new wahine and make Hawaii Ultimate a gender-conscious community. Rachel Lindsey shared some tips on keeping our bodies healthy and the night ended with pizza and the traditional clothing swap.

On Sunday we treated ourselves to a beach day over at our beautiful spot in Waimanalo for some beach ultimate and spikeball. The weekend was filled with laughs and amazing Wahine bonding! We can’t wait to see what future Wahine weekends will have in store for us. Look for our next Wahine Weekend in January 2020 on the North Shore!

If you are new to the Hawaii Ultimate scene and you are a Wahine, please join our Hawaii Women's Ultimate FB group and feel free to reach out to any of our ladies for more information.

Pre-Kaimana Hilo Hat Draw

As always, the Big Island put together an epic and exciting Hat Draw for players from all over. This year Here are some fun facts about the Hat Draw:

  • Tournament Director: Mary Beth Young
  • Number of Teams: 5 teams
  • Number of players: 59 people registered

A fun Saturday of games was followed by a single-elimination bracket play on Sunday. The bottom two teams battled it out in the first game on Sunday, and players from the team that was eliminated in that round had the option to join the remaining teams. That meant that players that came in last ended up helping the winning team win the Hilo Hat Draw!

A huge Mahalo to the Hilo Ultimate Community Kommittee (HUCK) for putting on such an amazing event!

Annual Big Island Hat Draw (“Hate Draw”)

The Fourth Annual Big Island Hat Draw (“Hate Draw”) took place on June 8, 2019, in Hilo, Hawaii. Put on as a labor of love, the Hate Draw featured more than 40 ultimate players, with a whopping 18 coming from Oahu.

This year’s captains were: (1) Steve Atwell and Diana Webb; (2) Jess Kaneshiro and Amy Kuhar; (3) Lexi Tansey and Joel Brunger; and (4) Marissa Lubong and Keoki Cooper. Reminiscent of an elementary school kickball game, the Hate Draw continued the tradition of lining-up all the players and having the captains take turns drafting one at a time. This year’s honorary last picks were Steve Aguilar, Colin Morgan, Kee Campbell, and Nick Dunbar. Mike Long wandered up and walked into a final round selection as well.

On the field, in what seems like an annual occurrence, one of the two teams to make finals was decided by point differential after teams dealt one another loses. In the finals, Team Lexi and Joel defeated Team Marissa and Keoki. Unfortunately, Keoki suffered an injury during finals and left the game. HULA is pleased to learn that Keoki is recovering well and plans to take to the field at Kaimana Klassik 33 in February 2020.

Off the field for the after-party, Dan Handler graciously opened his home and his spacious river-side backyard to host the Hate Draw tournament party. Keoki and Michelle Cooper picked-up 10+ pizzas to ensure that tournament-goers were sufficiently plied with enough carbs to soak up any post-tournament libations.

Looking to 2020, organizers, in their own special blend of sarcasm, indicated that they are looking forward to hosting the Hate Draw again. Keoki noted, “Nobody had a good time. I absolutely hated everything about it . . . I ruptured my Achilles so I could get away from everyone.” No date has been set for the Hate Draw in 2020.

Youth Ultimate Events

Pre-league youth ultimate clinics were in full swing during the Fall season! HULA mentors hosted students from ‘Iolani, Kamehameha, SEEQS, Kalani, and other schools around Oahu in two hours of fun-filled drills and scrimmages each morning before league. With a focus on throwing technique, stack strategies, and getting plenty of touches, youth gained confidence in their ultimate skills while meeting other players from around the island and getting their sweat on in the process. Thanks to all the volunteers who came out weekly to coach and run hard against the kiddos before league. Stay tuned for more youth ultimate opportunities in the New Year!

Hawaii State Championships 2019

The Hawaii Ultimate State Championship (“HUSC”) took place on August 10-11, 2019 in sunny and humid Lihue, Kauai. Five teams participated, with four exclusively representing one of the Hawaiian islands, specifically one from Kauai and three traveled from Oahu. The fifth, the Spirit Team, was comprised of a mix of players from multiple islands--Oahu, Big Island, and Maui players.

During round-robin games on Saturday, Zipper Lane, Azucar, and Kauai all traded wins: Azucar defeated Zipper Lane; Zipper Lane defeated Kauai, and Kauai defeated Azucar. Frustratingly, Poi Poundahz lost games to Azucar, Zipper Lane, and Kauai all on universe point. Poi Poundahz would make up for it on Championship Sunday.

Kicking-off a sun-drenched Sunday, Zipper Lane faced-off against Poi Poundahz. The teams were even early before Zipper Lane pulled away late. On the other field, Kauai narrowly defeated a frisky Spirit Team, earning Kauai a bye as they awaited the winner of the Azucar and Zipper Lane match-up.

In the front-door semifinals bracket, Zipper Lane pulled out a narrow victory over Azucar in a closely fought game that came down to a lay-out goal. On the other field, in the back-door bracket, Poi Poundahz kept their championship dream alive by defeating the Spirit Team.

In the front-door bracket finals, Zipper Lane played Kauai. Zipper Lane jumped out to a multiple-goal lead coming out in the second half and did not relinquish it. On the other field, in the backdoor bracket semi-finals, Poi Poundahz held off a late charge from Azucar and advanced to the back-door finals, where the played Kauai for the chance to face Zipper Lane in the State Championship. In the backdoor bracket finals, Poi Poundahz, playing in their fourth consecutive game of the day and eighth of the weekend, deployed a clever zone to knock-off Kauai and force a rematch with Zipper Lane. In the Championship, Zipper Lane and Poi Poundahz initially traded points before Poi Poundahz took to a multiple-goal into the half. Coming out of halftime, Poi Poundahz effectively used their zone to maintain a three-goal lead for much of the second half.

Poi Poundahz 3-3-1 zone stymied Zipper Lane’s horizontal stack. When the disc was centered on the on-field, Poi Poundahz used a straight-up mark on the center handler. They shut down Zipper Lane’s swing and dumps by playing tight person defense on the side handlers to limit handler resets. In the middle of the zone, Poi Poundahz used a three-person wall to limit in-cuts. And, in the deep space, Poi Poundahz deployed an athletic deep-deep to deter deep looks. Through effective popping, Zipper Lane was able to get reset throws to some of its poppers, but failed to advance the disc effectively up the field.

Late in the game, and with the cap on, Zipper Lane threatened a comeback, scoring on consecutive plays. However, after Zipper Lane’s break, Poi Poundahz’s handlers stormed-up the field. A brilliant upline cut had the disc five yards outside Zipper Lane’s end zone. A quick dish to the end zone led to a goal and a State Championship for the Poi Poundahz.

Reflecting on the win, Poi Poundahz’s deep-deep Rob Parke commented, “It was an amazing weekend with superbly fun people. The competition was tremendous and finals day was wild.” Players from Poi Poundahz and Zipper Lane acknowledged that all weekend the heat was fierce. “It was a scorcher of a weekend, with a packed schedule, and I think everyone did a great job of fighting the heat and putting their best foot forward,” commented Poi Poundahz’s Sarah Itoh. She continued, “Long, tough weekends like the one we had are definitely one of the things that make Ultimate so appealing.” Zipper Lane’s Isaiah Feldman-Schwartz agreed, “My sleeping pad might’ve spontaneously combusted because of the heat, but that only added to the mystique of this great event.”

Off the field, Kauai served as a beautiful HUSC venue. Camping was available a short 10-minute walk from the fields. And, the airport was less than 20 minutes from the fields. Each morning, Kauai provided well-proportioned breakfast, replete with gourmet coffee. For dinner, players feasted on dinner from a local taqueria. At night, Kauai awed its guests with a silent disco, while others chopped it up around a blazing bonfire. Looking back, Parke reflected, “The weekend was sick, but knowing and having all the folks I could say, ‘Hi’ to around made me more interested and invested in the game and honestly everything a bit better.” Zipper Lane’s Becca Peet added, “The HULA community on Oahu is like a giant hug and an instant community of vibrant, warm people. Then to see that same community, the same welcoming spirit across the State confirmed what a special group [Hawaii Ultimate] is.”

Expressing his gratitude to the players who attended, Kauai HUSC tournament director Aaron Feinberg stated, “(It) [w]as truly special to see all the folks that made it out to our little rock and share where we play three days a week and turn into a super fun and competitive tournament.” Feinberg continued, “These events feel extra special and look forward to seeing how HULA can continue this momentum.”

In 2020, Oahu looks forward to hosting HUSC. “We’re starting to discuss dates and venues. What HULA really hopes for this next tourn[ament] is that all the islands will be represented,” stated HULA president Marissa Lubong. Lubong continued, “We’re optimistic we can make it happen. As they say, Oahu’s nickname is the ‘Gathering Place.’”

Big picture

Flying Hawaiian State Championship Disc Golf Tournament

The 2019 Flyin' Hawaiian, a Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Tier C event, was held on September 21st and 22nd at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens by the Honolulu Disc Golf Association (HDGA), thanks in part to a generous $300 donation by HULA. HULA has been a valued sponsor of this event for many years, and the donation helped to cover event costs, including venue rental and logistics. HDGA appreciates HULA's continued support and partnership in providing disc sports opportunities to residents and visitors of Hawai'i of all ages and looks forward to many more years to come. For more information on disc golf events on Oʻahu, check out the Honolulu Disc Golf website or their Facebook page.

Tweedle Beetle Beach Battle

In memory of Phillip Martin Joseph Choi-Joon Yung O’Mara, another Tweedle Beetle Beach Battle was held at Waimanalo Beach Park on Labor Day weekend!! (August 31st-September 1st). The weather held and friends gathered for an amazing hat tournament on the beach. The two-day beach tournament also featured a beach clean-up day Saturday, in partnership with the Trees to Seas organization. Roughly 15 pounds of micro-plastics were acquired and removed from the beach!

A total of 5 teams came together, comprised of 63 registrants, to participate in the amazing tournament. A shout out to the tournament champs – Team Four!! (Eve Teeter-Balin, Kiana Adams, Macey Sanford, Nadine Wolff, Zoe Mia, Brian Maulucci, Christopher Tomasso, Colin Morgan-Outhisack, Kee Campbell, Scott Cooney, and Steve Gee!!)

Great job to the hat tourney winners, however, there were two additional big weekend winners. The esteemed boat racing honors went to ChristineTini” Kline and Colin Morgan-Outhisack for sinking the competition in the Men and Women divisions! Phil would be proud!

Monday rolled around and many people stayed to play fun games on the beach! Spikeball, cricket, can jam, were some of the many entertaining beach games on the agenda. Big Mahalo to everyone who came out and made the tournament a huge success as well the tournament Director Lexi, DJ Globes for keeping the party going, and all the other supporting cast members for making this event a blast and a heap of fun for the second year running!!

First Annual Mid-Island Melee Team and Hat Tournaments

The first annual Hawaiian indoor tournament the Mid-Island Melee Team and Hat Tournaments were held on November 10-11, 2019 at 808Futsal, an indoor facility in Kapolei. Poi Poundahz and Red Centaurions won Team and Hat Tournaments, respectively. The Team tournament took place on Sunday and the Hat tournament on Monday. “Imagine playing ultimate in a controlled environment, no rain, no wind, no heat exhaustion. The Melee was like (a) 5 on 5 controlled science experiment in a vacuum,” commented Jason Anthenien, who attended both days of the Melee.

Similar to beach-league sized fields, the Melee fields were approximately 40 yards long and 25 yards wide, with 8-yard end zones. Games were comprised of two 24-minute halves. The games were played as make it, and the other team then takes it, i.e, once one team scored, that team immediately dropped the disc and the other team picked it up to start an offensive point. Substitutions occurred on the fly from mid-field.

The Team tournament consisted of six teams, totaling almost 80 players: (1) Poi Poundahz; (2) Sex and Suds; (3) Thumber Storm; (4) Foot bLocker; and (5) Aoki Shave Ice; and (6) Spirit Team.

Jumping out to a ferocious 2-0 start, Aoki Shave Ice (seeded 5), made up of players from the Central Oahu Regional Park pick-up game, defeated Big Island’s Foot bLocker (seeded 4), and the defending State champion Poi Poundahz (seeded 1).

Later in the morning, Thumber Storm narrowly defeated Sex and Suds. In the cross-over round, Poi Poundahz recovered their mojo, defeating Thumber Storm. Sex and Suds also bounced back and handed Aoki Shave Ice their first loss of the tournament. Earning both teams first-round byes going into the bracket.

In the bracket, Thumber Storm defeated Foot bLocker and Aoki Shave Ice defeated Spirit Team. Then, in the semi-finals, Thumber Storm defeated Sex and Suds and Poi Poundahz defeated Aoki Shave Ice.

In the finals, Poi Poundahz pulled away from Thumber Storm at the end of the first half. In the second half, Poi Poundahz expanded their lead and held on the win.

Becky Mia, who captained the Spirit Team and invited a number of high school players to join the team, commented, “The energy was competitive, yet spirited. The faster pace was exciting. The best thing though is that from first-time players to those who have played for over 20 years, we all had a great time.”

The following day, those still able to walk returned to Kapolei and joined some fresh faces for the Hat tournament. The Melee Hat tournament consisted of approximately 40 players who were divided into four teams named after famous warrior groups: (1) Red Centurions; (2) Green Gladiators; (3) Pink Samurai; and (4) Navy Knights.

The Red Centurions, benefiting from new additions to the HULA community and a solid roster of visiting players, went 3-0 in their in round-robin games to advance to the HAT tournament finals. Elsewhere, the Pink Samurai notched a win against the Green Gladiators. Then, in a close game, the Navy Knights defeated the Green Gladiators by three to advance to the finals on point differential.

In the finals, the Red Centurions and Navy Knights delighted spectators with a fantastic showcase of hucks and skies as the teams angled for cross-gender, full-field huck two-pointers. In the end, the Red Centurions second-half lead proved insurmountable, and the Red Centurions took home the Hat tournament championship.

Looking to 2020, after receiving positive feedback from both attendees and the facility staff, HULA looks forward to a possible return to 808Futsal in Summer 2020. Anthenien noted, “Playing in the Melee was the best,” and “I would definitely play in the Melee again.”

Savage Santa 2019

Twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through Kapi Park,
There was no time for subbing, Savage dawn until dark!

HULA folks all decked out in their best Christmas gear.
There was glitter, santa hats, and even reindeer!

For most of the day, the clouds graced us with shade.
Five games of pool play and then brackets were played!

It was festive to see old faces and new.
In the end, the final head count was fifty minus two!

For winning it all, Team One should be praised.
Thanks to the HULA community, $442.66 in youth funds was raised!

Pick-up Games on Oahu

Where and When to play Pick-Up

The following locations and times may change. Please check the Hawaii Ultimate Facebook Group for updates!

Monday: Goaltimate. Nuuanu YMCA. 5:30 pm

Tuesday: Full-field 7v7. Crane. 7:00pm(ish)

Wednesday: Goaltimate. Nuuanu YMCA. 5:30 pm

Thursday: Full-field 7v7. Crane. 7:00 pm(ish)

Friday: Fives. Crane park. 7:00 pm(ish)

Saturday: Full-field 7v7. CORP (aka Central Oahu regional park). 8:00 am (may currently not be happening)

5 on 5 on 5 on 5

Full of pent up rage from a hectic work/school week? Need to blow off some steam before turning up for the weekend? Try 5s ("fives") at Crane Park! It's what all the cool "kids" are doing at 7:00 pm on a Friday night!

Same game, slightly different rules. 5s is the ultimate we all know and love with a few changes (such as the stall count being 7 as opposed to 10) that make the game faster paced. The 5 v 5 format encourages everyone to get involved with the game and more touches on the disc. "Hockey style" on the fly subs (hot tip: subbing on offense is highly encouraged) and "make it drop it" means the fun never ends!

If you're looking for a good workout, a chance to work on your ultimate skills, to get in shape for Kaimana, and/or hang with the coolest people ever, give 5s a try!

Upcoming Events

Wahine Weekend

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 2020 at 9pm to Sunday, Jan. 12th 2020 at 2:30pm


When: Tentative Dates are January 10-12

Where: Honolulu, HI

More info: Check out the Hawaii Women's Facebook Page

Kaimana Klassik 33: I <33 Kaimana

Saturday, Feb. 15th 2020 at 8am to Monday, Feb. 17th 2020 at 4pm

3840 Paki Avenue

Honolulu, HI

When: 2/15/20 - 2/17/20

Where: Honolulu, HI

More info: Kaimana Klassik

Register: Ultimate Central Kaimana Klassik 33

Kaimana Klassik will be held at beautiful Kapi‘olani Park with play taking place under the iconic Diamondhead Crater. Kapi‘olani Park is located right in the heart of Honolulu next to gorgeous Waikiki and Kaimana beach, a local favorite!

Start your Kaimana pre-party Friday evening, February 14 (Valentine's Day), at Kaimana Beach for a fun Beach Party. Games will kick off Saturday morning, February 15, and continue through finals on Sunday afternoon, February 17. Between games take a dip at Kaimana beach and in the evenings stroll the streets of famous Waikiki. We will provide exciting evening entertainment at select venues in town Saturday and Sunday night, with a closing ceremony party Sunday evening. There are ample places to stay nearby including hotels, hostels, and Airbnb. Breakfast and dinners will be provided Friday through Sunday. Lunch vendors will be available daily.

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Post-Kaimana BEACH Hat Draw, a.k.a, LoveFest

Sunday, Feb. 2nd 2020 at 9am-4pm

Kauai, Hawaii, USA


When: 2/22/19 - 2/23/19

Where: Kauai, Hawaii

More info & Register: Ultimate Central Post-Kaimana Beach Hat Draw

Kauai has some of the most beautiful beaches in the islands! Now imagine camping on one and getting to play some frisbee with your friends! Sounds epic right! We will have food, beer, and entertainment for your enjoyment. The tournament format will be a coed beach hat draw that encourages players of all levels to join.


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