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News and Updates From Room 2

What We Learned This Week

Reading - This week we worked with two different texts, an excerpt from Grandpa’s Corner Store and the non-fiction text Barrio. We talked about how neighborhoods and communities work together. We identified the main idea a key details and compared the “big ideas” the characters had in the stories.

Writing - We started our dinosaur research reports this week. The kiddos each chose a dinosaur to research then found and checked out a book from the library with the help of Mrs. Sullivan. We are currently in the process of researching/answering questions and documenting our sources.

Math - We took a little break from our GO Math! book this week to focus on 2-digit subtraction with regrouping. Most of us understood the process but got a bit confused when we saw the problems written out in the traditional way. With all of our practice this week the kiddos are really getting the hang of it. Next week we will continue to practice while adding in some problem solving as well.

Photobooth Fun

We discovered Photobooth this week. The kiddos have had fun experimenting during their free time!
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Bayshore Family Luau

Our Bayshore Family Luau is coming up at the end of this month. This is a great family event with food, dancing, a photo booth and a Silent Auction. Each classroom is putting together a basket to be auctioned off that night. Our theme is "Sleepover Fun". We are looking for things like popcorn, movies, candy, nail polish, craft sets, nerf guns, glow sticks and other fun, easy activities. Please considering donating any items that you can, or If you would like to send in cash or gift cards I can purchase the items as well.

You can also sign-up to help out at the Luau by clicking on the link below.