Welcome Capconians

Let's welcome month of May'16 new joiners of CAPCO Malaysia

Yip Sor Yoke

Sor Yoke has over 20 years of professional experience working in various industries, with more than 15 years in the banking industry. Her extensive experience covers software development, system implementation, resource management, pre-sales support and project management. Over the years in the banking industry, she has managed to succesfully led and delivered a multitude of banking projects undertaking roles from developer, analyst, techical lead to project manager. The banking projects that she had worked on has given her valuable knowledge on front-end teller system, card management system, credit / merchant fraud transaction monitoring and many others. Prior to joining Capco, she was already involved in HSBC regulatory project (e.g. FATCA & CRS) as in-country project manager responsible for Hong Kong and Macau Insurance. She loves working with positive and highly motivated individuals with a can-do attitude.

Wee Swee Lin

Make a monument more lasting than bronze

Swee Lin is an experienced management consultant with more than 5 years of multi-faceted experience and proven track record in project management and functional system design in various industries, largely in the Financial Services sector. Her involvement in large scale projects is inclusive of an award-winning Core Banking Replacement Program for a large Malaysian banking group, Loans Origination System (LOS) implementation for a global bank and a Microsoft Sharepoint implementation for a national oil and gas corporation.

On a personal note, Swee Lin is a city girl, traveler, music enthusiast with some arrangement gigs, and an amateur photographer who enjoys stormy afternoons, a good cup of coffee and peaceful weekends.

Eric Foo Kok Wei

Eric is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Information Technology and Solutions) from Curtin University of Technology, Perth WA.
Eric started out as an Analyst Programmer and progress on to Business System Analysis. He has been in the banking environment for the past 15 years mainly on retail banking front end systems.

Chu Li Khiun (Stephanie)

Fun, Energetic and friendly girl.

I am a business consultant/team lead with over 5 years experiences in LOAN ORIGINATION SYSTEM (retails / corporate) project delivery. I have been involved in full cycle of delivery including requirements gathering, impact analysis, documentation, software QA, UAT and post – implementation process.

Jacqueline Ang Chen Wei

5 years experience in the Banking industry within the Anti Money Laundry department.

Pioneer team member in Citigroup’s Global Cross Sector, main functions were to assist in monitoring the profiles of customers with product holdings in various sectors and countries within Asia Pacific, North America & EMEA.

Growing through 4 years of experience in both analytical duties and managerial responsibilities. Provided know-how and experience in transaction monitoring to Citigroup’s Hong Kong team.

Jacqueline’s joy for travelling is a direct correlation for her drive and passion in her field of work. With a reserved personality that hides her outgoing nature, she is always keen to try new things, and has a willingness to learn as well as to teach.

How Teng Li (Maryn)

Maryn joins CapCo after successfully completed a 3 years’ group CDD project in Standard Chartered. She led a KYC team in Commercial Banking. Maryn has passionate interest in consulting and delivers solutions to her clients. During leisure time, she enjoys in playing board game.

Kosheelia A/P Ambalavanan

2 years and 4 months experience in the Banking Industry within the Anti Money-Laundering and KYC-CDD.

Pioneer team member in Citigroup (CTSMKL), attach with the Anti Money-Laundering (AML) for GCG-Singapore, main functions were to assist in transaction monitoring is well within customer's financial capability as well as being a part of the successful migration project of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia SME accounts to the new electronic CDD tools.

Koshee loves to be herself (being happy and bring laughter) and enjoys taking Selfie. She is in competition with no one, she run her own race. Koshee just aim to improve to be better and work hard until bank account looks like a phone number. Loves to travel, love surprises, spend quality time with family and friends.

Keshnee Bavithra A/P Gandimani

Keshnee joins Capco with 5 years experience in the Banking & Finance industry and 4 years within Anti Money Laundering and CFT. Her previous work experience includes the successful migration of Standard Chartered Malaysia SME accounts to the new electronic CDD tool, Periodic Review for SME accounts based on their business risk as well as part of Citgroup's India GCG team or, whose main function is to assist in monitoring the transaction of customers with product holdings in various countries within Asia Pacific. Keshnee is someone who is consistently growing and who takes the time to continue learning.Her hobbies are travelling, cooking and shopping. Keshnee is looking forward for a successful career within the organisation!

Chandra Varnah A/P Rajaretnam

Happy Go Lucky

Seasoned banker with proven success in Banking Operations, Training and Compliance related functions from reputable and renowned Financial Institutions with a minimum of 5 years experience in dealing with cases or matters relating to money laundering, terrorist financing, as well as fraud or other financial crimes.

Good communication skills, easily interacts with colleagues, client and regulatory. Strong teamwork and multi-tasking skills. I have done multiple tasks by streamlining systems. My high energy and quick learning style enable me to hit the ground and size up problems rapidly with effective and efficiently.

I have a positive attitude and outlook. I have the ability to stay focused in stressful situations and can be counted on when the going to get tough. Excellent training and experience during internship. Good background in office management, organizational and leadership skills.

Keith Manuel Netto

Compliance Specialist

Keith is a seasoned banker with proven success in Banking Operations, Sales and Compliance related functions from reputable and renowned Financial Institutions with more then 8 years experience in dealing with cases or matters relating to banking products, sales, money laundering, terrorist financing, as well as fraud or other financial crimes. Keith has great communication skills and interacts well with colleagues, client and regulatory. A strong team player and multi-tasking skills with great attention to details. Keith also holes a Certificate in Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism.

Muhammad Syafiq bin Ismail

The 6th Man

Syafiq started working since 2011. A Degree holder in Advertising and 3 years experiences in AML and Risk Management. Previously working with HSBC and PayPal. Whereby, he's an accomplished analytical thinker and passionate problem solver who has the ability to read and interpret complex regulations and make accurate operational decisions.

A risk taker and a believer. A guy who believes Quality comes first than Quantity. No matter how hard things going to be, believe me this guy is the guy you can count on. Always smile through the day even if hard times are coming. Honoured to be part of this company and will do his best to thrive success in the end :D

Nurshazaratul Najmin binti Razali

Najmin joins Capco an early of May with 2 years experience in the Banking & Finance industry and 1 year in Audit and Finance field. Najmin holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy. Her previous work experience includes the successful migration of Standard Chartered Malaysia SME accounts to the new electronic CDD tool in 2015. Najmin is passionate and driven towards what she does and willings to learning new things. She is able to work independently as well as within teams. Her hobbies are join sports and travels. Najmin is delighted to have joined Capco and is looking forward to growth sucessfully within the organisation.

Rahimah Bibi Binti Mohd Kashim

A Highly motivated individual whom is passionate with an excellent communication skill. Well versed with the financial industry and the requirements of AML and sanction country. Passionate in challenging myself and perform well in every task that was given. A people person and attentive to their need and a good team player with a positive can do attitude, im also very approachable, broad minded, optimistic and dedicated in doing things which i am passionate about.

I join Capco with around 6 years of banking experience in various segmentation of banking from customer service specialist , Credit cards and personal loan fraud investigation,Training and coaching to the front liner , specialised in Anti Money Laundering case investigation and Quality Assurance for APAC . Graduated from University Utara Malaysia in Bachelor of International business Management (IBM ) (Hons).

Ang Siao Hui

Be passionate. Be positive. Be inspirational.

Siao Hui began her career as an IT executive with one of the top bank in Malaysia. Over 10 years of services in Information Systems department in the company, she was involved with multiple overseas core banking systems projects and leading a team to provide business as usual services on banking systems to the overseas business.

She departed the company as a manager and continued her career as an assistant vice president with one of the top Thailand bank in Malaysia. She was appointed to manage and to service the business on system security and infrastructure area during her engagement with the company.

And now she is here with Capco!

Andrew Chew Tze Renn

Andrew began his career as a Project Assistant with one of the top local bank in Malaysia. With slightly over 7 years of service with various business unit in the banking industry, he has been involved in various corporate banking related projects from Loan Origination to Trade Finance Processing system and Finance Reporting.