Developing IT Systems

The Pro's and Cons

The Pro's and cons of Developing IT Systems.

The Pro's:

Productivity gains - with the upgrades of IT systems, the Systems and technology will be faster, more efficient and have more features that will help aid the business, which means more things can get done alot faster.

Cost reductions - ultimately the upgrading and improvement of IT systems will reduce the overall cost as it will give out more work than the last and gain you more profit and perhaps you wont have to hire anymore workers.


Security - you will have to spend alot more money on security due to the new technology being at risk of theft or damage, also having to hire roffesionals to help you when you're systems break, which is a major money drawback.

Cost - The systems themselves will cost alot to get started and to get from the start, to fully refurbish some tech in a business is a big financial set back, if you invest well you might get your money back.

Legal reuqirments - copyright issues will come into play, in which you will need to prevent every way possible of being at risk of getting accused of copy rigjt issues.