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Khadija Yusufali


me and my family went to hollywood on monday march 9th we saw the stars in the "walk of fame"(the picture on the right). i also saw carter reynolds and i took a picture with him and it was amazing. he also said he would follow me on instagram and then he gave me a hug.


My family and I went to Disneyland on wedensday march 11and it was amazing.We saw all these characters from mickey mouse to little einsteins.we went on different rides,i almost threw up on minnie mouse cause before we went on a ride i ate too much pizza then after that i went to take a picture with minnie mouse and thank god i got the picture cause i threw upo afterwards.while in disney land there was a concert and you know who was perfoming grant ladis he is also a famous youtuber that was one of the reasons we went to disneyland.


this picture is of the magic kigndom its a park in disneyland

Coming Back To Dallas

We lef from LA on friday saturdsy evening cause it was a 20 hour druve from LA to dallas and we had to nake it back in time before scjool started.the riad trip back was exhausting and awkward.My moms friends son had to come abck with us and it was so awkward because he sat in the back and i didnt want to embarass myself any further.

walk of fame

this is a picture of the "walk of fame" this is where i saw the stars