Softball is a great sport. It was invented in 1887 on Thanksgiving day as an indoor version of baseball. Contrary to contemporary purposes, softball was invented to keep baseball players in shape during the off-season, and to create a more intense game with more offense being played. The sport evolved, improvements were made, and in 1913 the Minneapolis Park Board officially adopted the game.


The benefits of playing softball include:

  • Team chemistry. The game requires a lot of time to be spent with teammates. Practices and games are frequent, meaning that during the season, the team gets very close and becomes a sort of sisterhood. Also, good team chemistry leads to a good team. The more amity there is between players, the more likely they are to trust each other, and the more confidence they will have as a team.
  • It's a fun game. Softball is a beautiful sport. The feeling of hitting the ball and knowing that it was a solid hit that will score runs or move base runners is incomparable. Solid fielding creates a positive overall attitude that amplifies the energy in the dugout and creates momentum that influences more positive actions. Also, it is played in the spring time, and there are many games that are played on beautiful, sunny, 75-degree days.
  • It's always interesting. Softball is a very unpredictable game. A batter could be 3-2 at the plate, and hit a home run on 2 outs to win the game. Or, defensively, the right fielder could make a diving catch that ends the inning and sends the team back on offense to score runs. The other team can make errors that allow runs to be scored when it seems there is no chance.
  • There's always room for improvement. No matter who you are, you can play softball. It's a sport that welcomes anyone, and guarantees an opportunity to better oneself. A player can improve her fielding if she wishes to through extra practice. As she continually gets better, she will begin to feel more confident in herself, not to mention that her teammates will also gain confidence in her, leading to stronger team chemistry.