GT Update News: Edition 13

for Mrs. Anderson's Crew


Last week we ventured to Career Center East for the robotics "crash course" with Mr. Feighney and his high school students. Thank you for allowing your kids to take part in this experience! I'm sure you've already heard, but we had a great experience. I could not be any more proud of the fifth graders. They were engaged, respectful, and represented themselves, our school, and program with enthusiasm and poise.

It was definitely a learning experience for all involved...especially myself;) We showed up with packaged Lego pieces and left with assembled robots that are partially programmed, as well as a much better understanding of the competition goals, tricks and trades.

After our holiday break, we will spend every Thursday programming, preparing, and practicing for the competition on January 24th. Super exciting! Take a sneak peek below into our very busy day.

Jake's group video
J's Group Video


Last week they completed their acrostic poems, and created various paint splotches by combining complementary paint colors. Once they placed dots of paint onto the page, they used water to dilute the paint, then used a straw to blend and spread the colors. We will use these paint splotches for Think-a-Palooza to create "monsters" out of them.

When we return from the holidays, they will study Early American art, and create a piece for their gallery.

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Fourth grade planned for another week of morning announcements. They delved deeper into the 21st Century skills incorporated into LISD e-portfolios, by brainstorming ways in which they could, or have showcased these skills. We began the new unit about adversity by looking at the below video and comparing/contrasting how these famous people reacted, overcame, and dealt with their adversities.

After the holiday break, they will read and discuss several picture books and analyze the character's behavior and how the characters showed empathy toward others. By having a working understanding of empathy, they will start a narrative piece assuming anothers persona.

Famous Failures

Don't Forget to Join Us This Thursday for Think-a-Palooza!

Think a Palooza
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