Bigger isn't necessarily better.

Consider a new option for your honor students . . .

The Ohio Scholars' Association!

Formed for students, by students, OSA offers an affordable option for schools who want an honor organization that challenges students and offers them opportunities to serve, as well as opportunities for input in the ongoing operation of the statewide association.

We know you have questions.

  • Will colleges and scholarship donors recognize OSA?
  • Will our day-to-day operations need to change?
  • How is OSA organized?
  • What is the selection process?

For answers to these and more, peruse the informational packet that OSA students created or visit our website.

OSA Distinctives

  • Affordability: The annual membership fee for an OSA school affiliate is only $50, plus a one-time incorporation fee of $75.
  • High Standards: To be considered for membership in an OSA affiliate, students must have a GPA of at least 3.3, and members are required to give at least 25 hours of community service each year.
  • Student involvement: Students created OSA, and they will continue to have a voice in its function through a Student Board that works in conjunction with an Adviser Board and the Board of Directors.

About Us

The Ohio Scholars' Association (OSA) is a new honor organization for high school juniors and seniors. OSA's distinctions include affordability, higher standards than other honor societies, and student involvement in the formation and ongoing operation of the state-wide organization.