Brazil's Newspaper 📰

By Caitlin McGarvey

Brazil's Government

Brazil won its independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. Brazil is a presidential democracy. The president appoints the cabinet. All citizens 18-70 years old have to vote in an election, from ages 16-18 and over 70 it is optional.

The administration division has 26 states and 1 federal district. The president Dilma Rousseff has been ruling fairly since January 1, 2011, no worries. The president serves a four term and the next election will be held in October 2018.

Brazil's Legal System

Brazil based their law on Portuguese civil law. They court system is run by the Supreme Federal Tribunal. Eleven ministers are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate. They serve until the age of seventy at which point they face a mandatory retirement. It is a great honor to serve on this court.

Brazil's court system is similar to the United States. There is a local court system as well as regional courts. The federal court system includes Federal Appeals Court, Superior Court of Justice, Superior Electoral Court, It is believed that this layered court system provides for fairness. You can appeal your case to a higher court if you do not believe you got the right ruling.

High Crime

Brazil ranks first for violent crime, murder rate. There were 40,974 murders in 2010. This is far above other countries. The next closes country is India with 40,752. There is not much defense between first and second however Mexico is third with 25,757 murders.

Brazil needs to work to stop murders. They need an educational campaign explaining that murder is wrong and that you will go to jail and die if you murder someone. I believe the murder rate is related to drugs. Drugs need to be stopped in Brazil. It is important to hire more police to search out drugs and stop their sale and use. The police can also keep the innocent people safe.

Sports and Brazil's Economy

Brazil had the horror of hosting the World Cup in 2014. This was a great opportunity to be seen on the national stage. They were able to host the event in a safe and secure manner. Although, no money was held due to the construction of fields this event brought a lot of visitors and money into Brazil.

In greater news the Summer Olympics’ for 2016 are going to be in Brazil. But don't get to excited some athletes refuse to go to Brazil like Hope Solo, goalie for the U.S. Women's soccer team. Hope says "that we could be exposed to many harmful disease". Even though some athletes might not be there it will still be amazing with the ones that are there. So is it confirmed that Hope Solo will not be there no she still could go we will find out when the Summer Olympics in 2016 come so let’s wait and see.

Strong Economy in Brazil

Brazil continues to have a strong economy. Brazil has the seventh largest economy in the world and the largest economy in Latin America. Brazil is predicted to become the fifth largest economy in the world in the coming years. This county has a strong and stable labor force. They also have great natural resources, petroleum.

Brazil continues to look outside of natural resources to provide for the countries power needs. They use hydroelectric power generated by the massive rivers that run through their county. They are world’s largest producer of hydroelectric power. The country also has a civilian operated nuclear reactor and they plan to build more.

Economic Changes

Brazil has a busy economy. Exports are $242.60 billion. Most of Brazils Gross National Product comes from Services (67.2%), followed by Industry (27.4%) and then Agriculture (5.4%). Truism continues to provide an economic boost to Brazil. People come to Brail to see the Amazon River, the amazing culture and enjoy the beautiful scenery and temperate climate.

Although the economy is strong, 21.4% of the population lives below the poverty level. The unemployment rate is 5.5%. When looking at these two figures it become apparent that there are lots of jobs that do not pay enough. There is room for more high paying jobs. In order to have a work force that is ready for these jobs their will need to be more money placed in education and job trading.