Cases for Cancer

By: Amela P., Anna K., Annie R., and Erin D.

About Us

We are a group of ninth grade girls with a passion for phone cases, curing cancer, and getting involved in our community! Our plan is to make and sell our own phone cases and sell them at the Relay for Life Event in Coppell on April 26th.

Shown is a picture of one of our personal favorite phone cases we've made, the blue ombré.

Our Website

For more information about us or our phone cases, please visit our website. From there, you can look at our various designs and order the phone case of your choosing.

Our Phone Cases

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Coppell's Relay for Life

Saturday, April 26th, 5pm-6am

Wagon Wheel Practice Fields, Coppell, TX, United States

Coppell, TX

Come out to the Relay for Life Event to check out our phone cases and support cancer research!