Simple Activity Using BYOD

Update Parents with a Voice Recording

The Activity

Students at any elementary grade level will use their devices to make a voice recording. The teacher will use this activity as a form of an "exit ticket" from class. Students will record a few sentences about what they have learned in class that day or they could answer a question that the teacher prompts. For example, the teacher could ask them to record what was their favorite and least favorite part of class that day. The students will then save the voice recording on their device. In effort of sharing the implementation of BYOD, the teacher can have the student either email or text the voice recording to their parent. Students will show the sent email or text to the teacher as they are physically exiting the classroom.

Why use this activity?

This activity is a very easy way to test out implementing BYOD in your classroom. This activity requires minimal instruction and monitoring. All devices are equipped with voice recording capabilities and either email or text message access. We hope that once teachers see that this activity is approachable and doable, their horizons for implementing BYOD will be broadened.