ISTE Standards for Students

How are they used in the classroom?


While observing the classroom, students do many different things. I have seen great things in the classroom with these standards, and also things that may need to be worked on!

Amazing Examples!

I found examples in all standards, but really liked two examples I found in two different standards. The first came from the standard that said, "Creativity and innovation." The example I found in this category was students using an Osmos scan tool to use previous knowledge they have of shapes to put these shapes together and make an even bigger shape picture. This showed creativity and innovation because the students were using their creativeness to make the pictures and innovation to keep working!

The next example I found was in the category that said, "Technology operations and concepts." All around the room you saw students using iPads. The students navigating on the iPad's in order for them to get to their differentiated lesson they had to do for the day was amazing! They never needed help, and even though they couldn't read, the students knew exactly what they were looking for! This shows just how great they knew their technology!

Needs Improvement! :(

I had more trouble finding non-examples, but managed to find two that I thought could be worked on and changed!

The first non-example I found was in the standard of, "Communication and Collaboration." For this example, students were not collaborating together very well at all. The students were supposed to be reading to someone for their Daily 5, and instead of sharing and collaborating, 1 student would hog the iPad and they would end up arguing. This does not show collaboration being used well, but with proper guidance, could be changed.

The next non-example I found was in the standard of, "Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making." Students were doing an activity that required more work than they have had to do, and instead of working hard and problem solving, the student gave up and just said I can't do it! This is very sad, because critical thinking and problem solving are such important parts of learning! With support, this too can change!