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Are teens too young to drive?

What is the problem?

You may be wondering why this is a big deal. It is important because lives are at stake here. Not only teens lives but also anyone else who would be put in harms way. It is, however, a great sense of responsibility that will teach teens at an age where they are still developing that responsibility skill parents try to beat into their kids. So should the age be changed?

What's on the table

The obvious solution is to simply increase the age it takes to get a license or permit. This has pros and cons. While the novice drivers are older and more likely responsible with the power with they behold, it takes a sense of freedom away from teens and makes it difficult to do things such as sports or after school activities while not being able to drive. Another reason is that many people, including me, live in rural areas or underpopulated areas where we need to drive to get almost anywhere. This disables teens to get jobs until they are fully grown adults. Which some would agree with but that doesn't help with their mentality how do you expect kids to grow up at the age of 17 and not learn the successful feeling of working hard for that pay day that they will work for every day of their life. Finally it prepares them for the future. While they are still young and living with their parents, teens can always get support when needed on their way to adulthood. That's what the age between 16 and 18 is good for. To transition into adulthood with the guide of your loved ones and people you trust.
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Call to Action on Teen Driving- Parents

Call to Action

The video above is well shown that much action has been taken and is still being utilized to make teens safer. Which is the number one thing everyone wants out of this, safety. We want everyone to be safe. Teens understand this. But you can't count on them to remind themselves that. Think about when you were a teenager. No matter what kind of teen you were you made bad decisions and didn't listen to your parents most of the time. Teens will always be like this and without their parents to guide them that's just another way for your teen to get hurt. Like any parent you want the safety and well-being of your teen. Show them you care and that you want them to be safe. Let them know that they aren't invincible and you may just save lives.
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