Hound Dog True

Linda Urban

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Mattie's World is Crooked Kind of Perfect.

First when Mama came outside, she saw that Uncle Potluck was talking to the moon, once again. When a young story writer named Mattie came about, she walked over to Uncle Potluck, and she said, "Do you really think the moon will talk back at you?" He said,"You have to trust the moon, in order for the moon to trust you." Mattie then looked at the moon, and Uncle Potluck gave her his brown hat. When Uncle Potluck came to Mattie's school one day, because he's the custodian, he gives her wisdom to put in her journal, and she calls him "Custodial Apprentice". Then, her mom persuades her to have a sleepover with a girl named Quincy, that she's not very interested in making friends with. Then, her world comes collapsing down when she is the cause that Uncle Potluck is locked in the principal's office.

After then, her friendship with Quincy, and that experience helped her learn that, "you can't have brave without scared". She then overcomes her fears, and does a brave thing when she walks into school on the first day. The book closing, "I'm Mattie Breen". Which made the whole book go to suspense. That's Hound Dog True alright, and that was a crooked kind of perfect.


Advice Column

Dear Luke Blouch, I have a big problem, and I need your help. It's about me not having any friends for writing in my journal all the time. Please respond. I need at least 5 sentences to help me. Hope you get my issue.


Mattie Breen

Dear Mattie,

According to the text, I heard you have an issue of not having ANY friends, and I can help you with that. I think you should keep doing what you love, but a little more time, interacting with people, find a trustworthy, and understanding friend that you think is your true friend. I think that people should NOT leave you alone, and forget about you because it would be cruel, and you will feel very ignored and upset. I really hope you accept, and do my suggestions I left for you. I know you'll find friends out there. It's your turn now.


Luke Blouch

Mattie's Issue

Okay, Mattie Breen from Hound Dog True, she has an issue, and that is not making any friends. Well, she asked me this question, and I think she came to the right guy for it. I answered her question, and I only gave her the answer. What I feel about that is, I feel bad for her because there is nothing to make fun of her for. I mean, yeah sure, she has her nose in her journal all the time, but people can still be friends with her, and that's what Quincy did. Mattie, good thing you have Quincy as a friend that loves who you are and what you do.

😏 Luke Blouch 😏

My favorite part of the story is when, Mattie was confident, brave, and overcomes a fear, when she walks to school for her first day, creating suspense when she says, "I'm Mattie Breen." That was my favorite part of the story because throughout the entire book, she was really shy, not wanting to make any friends, but there's that great moment when you overcome a fear and bring in your confidence, she did that and did a big fear that no book or characters do. That's my favorite part of the book. My least favorite part of the book is when people bullied her for writing stories like Star. That's my least favorite part because they are judging Mattie by writing stories, which I don't find "make fun of material". I mean what if Mattie took like Star's laptop and got in her account and saw some secrets about her? She would feel embarrassed too, just like what she did to Mattie. This is my reason why it's MY least favorite part. I certainly suggest buying this book, great story, characters, and what the story all revolves around. You won't regret buying Hound Dog True.