Shelter Building

Basic Shelter Building for an Average Dummy

Why a Shelter?

Shelters are crucial in any survival scenario as they provide protection. They protect you from wetness, which can lead to infections. They also protect you from deadly animals, and deadly weather. You can sleep, eat, and do your daily needs inside of the shelter of your choice. Don't EVER go with out a safe shelter!

Basic Shelter

There are a vast variety of ways to build advanced shelters, but the shelter mostly used when surviving in the wild is a "Lean-To" type shelter. This shelter can be used in most climate zones (when provided the correct materials). This shelter is gives you coverage of rain and other precipitation. Its simply a build up of sticks that lean against a sturdy object so that your body would lean against the sturdy object. After the main sticks are down you progressively build the roof by adding dead leaves or even packed snow. The roof is the most important part in building, as it provides the most protection! This shelter is a fast and easy life saver!