Congratulations!!!! Mr. Shaw!!!

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Your Thoughts and Comments

Mr. Shaw has tremendous dedication to his students. I see him here early and late. He always maintains his composure with difficult situations. He definitely deserves this recognition. It is long over due.

He works very hard with the students. He works to build relationships and support his students in whatever way he can. His patience is inspiring! He always makes time for the teachers and their questions and concerns. He is a true asset to this campus!

Mr. Shaw is the ultimate professional. He demonstrates patience and concern for all of his students. He is respectful of his administrators, fellow teachers, and students. Mr. Shaw is what we all aspire to be as educators.

Each day is a new day with Mr. Shaw. Yesterday's behaviors stay there, each student gets to start each day fresh with Mr. Shaw. He also takes on many responsibilities within the SpEd department. Mr. Shaw is an excellent teacher, leader, and father. Thank you Mr. Shaw. You inspire me.

Mr. Shaw works tirelessly behind the scenes with some of our most challenging students. He has to balance the redesigning and teaching of curriculum of 5 core subjects (for 3 grade levels) as well as managing the behaviors of a myriad of different behavior levels of abilities.