Sanctuary Choir Notes

September 17, 2013

And a hush

When Carr began the prelude on Sunday morning, a hush fell over the Sanctuary. Was it a combination of the artistry, the song, the topic, the space, the Spirit? Maybe all of it. I am grateful to have been there. Thank you also for the tender way you sang the anthem.
Thanks to Mary Lou for her work in planning the service.

This Week
We sing at all the services this Sunday. The 6:30 section time this week will be with the TENORS AND BASSES. Because of the Sukkot worship next Wednesday, we will need to combine the tenor and bass sectional this month.
Tomorrow night we will rehearse in the Sanctuary for the whole rehearsal. Please bring your choir music and your FWS to the Sanctuary.

Sukkot Worship 0n Wednesday, September 25
On Wednesday, September 25, we will have a Sukkot worship at 6:30, outside the Atrium. The service will be less than an hour and will be a combined effort with our New Heights Community. It will be a joyful worship in response to all that God provides for us. Because of the Sukkot worship, we will begin rehearsal at 7:30 on September 25. I hope you will be able to attend the worship. We need your voice.

We are now indicating worship singing commitment at rehearsal on Wednesday night. Please find the clipboard for your section and indicate your Sunday participation. Thanks for tending to this. It has been helpful in anthem planning. Please know that your voice does matter and is needed, each week.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

Ruth Ann

This Week and a Little More

Wednesday, September 18
Tenor and Bass sectional at 630
Full Rehearsal at 7:00 in the SANCTUARY

Sunday, September 22
Joys Like a River (Offertory)

9:30 and 11:00
The First Song of Isaiah (With New Zion)
The House of the Lord
You Are MIne, FWS 2218 (Response to the Word)

Wednesday, September 25 - Sukkot Worship at 6:30
Choir at 7:30.

Surely it is God who saves me, I will trust in him and not be afraid, for the Lord is my stronghold and my sure defense and he will be my Savior. (From First Song of Isaiah)

Below: Tryptych: Hearts Journey by Quinn

Gary's Birthday Poem

Gary G's Birthday Poem 9/12/13

I'm only three years away from becoming an octogenarian
Does time speed up when you are a septuagenarian?
Seems like only recently I was celebrating the big seven "O"
Before long we'll be celebrating the big eight "O"
You know racing through life isn't all that bad
If time passed slowly, we'd not be glad.
I guess I should be grateful time goes so fast
For I'm seldom bored & I'm having a "blast"
I don't take credit for my happy life
It's God's plan & love that minimizes my strife.
Your love & support has sustained me for years
For that I am grateful, my most precious dears.

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For those who mourn: Prissy and family in the death of her father in July; Frances and family in the death of her father in July; Lori's son and daughter-in-law in the loss of the baby in July.

For those fighting cancer: Molly P., Erwin M. (Glenda), Gary G., Roger L., Ann L., Virlie's cousin, Chris D., Alix (Cynthia's sister), Keith R. (Billie), Linda Tucker (surgery 8/12), Dr. Jim Pridgen (Gay's father)

For encouragement: Gary Bethke (Jane Ann) doing better, David R., Carolyn J., Elizabeth N., Ashley Roper and her family, Janice Tracy (Bob) - possible spinal implant surgery

For new college freshmen: Ben Parmer, Matthieu St. Romain, Miranda Dunn (MItzi's granddaughter), Travis Wert, Harley Jones.

Travel Mercies: Jim and Virlie, Steve and Beth W., David and Aletta R.

Below: Psalm 5, Hallelujah Morning by Virginia Wieringa

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Happy Birthday - Lori Place (17th) - Grateful for her faithfulness to our ministry and her steady soul.

Tom and Carolyn Spurgeon's daughter, Jennifer, was married earlier this month.

New Grandchildren!!!
Carol and Ron Ross have a new grandson - Jamison Crawford Ross, born September 4!!!

Margaret has a new granddaughter, Catherine, born September 6!!

On the Light Side

Michelangelo was bored as he was lying on the scaffolding high in the air painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel when a woman came into the chapel to pray.
He whispered, "I am Jesus Christ," and his voice echoed in the room. The woman kept praying. Michelangelo said again, "I am Jesus Christ," and the woman said, "Be quiet. I'm talking to your mother."
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Psalm 40

Many, O Lord, my God, are the wonders you have done.
The things you planned for us no one can recount to you:
were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare. Psalm 40:5

Monday morning, as the Joy Singers were beginning rehearsal by singing hymns from the Cokesbury Hymnal, a class from the Weekday School came down the hall. I saw Kaye waving and from her body language I could tell she was waving to children. So we deviated from the Cokesbury and began singing Jesus Loves Me. The teacher brought the children into the room and they lined up and faced the choir. The children looked at the choir in delight and amazement. For me, it was a moment set apart, a holy moment and a moment of clarity. This is the power of music, it is a glue, it is a unite-er, it points to something bigger than myself. And when my music is different from another person's and I try to understand it, that also points to something bigger than myself. It forces me to sit with another and listen to something they are passionate about.
Today Scott Heare came in and wanted to show me a youtube segment that he had found. It is a video of a choir of elderly people, Young@Heart, singing a contemporary song by a well-known British band, Coldplay. The words to the song, Fix You, take on an expanded meaning when they are sung from the vantage point of the choir as opposed to a 20-something. It is difficult to verbalize but the link to the video is below.
Monday - the children and the Joy Singers; Tuesday - Scott Heare, Coldplay, Young@Heart; I think there is a recurring theme here. Hope I'm listening. Think I might need to invest in some new music.

Ruth Ann

A little more birthday card sharing...
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