Cryofacials -170oc skin tightening

uses cold temperature to improve circulation and skin tone

A Cryofacial uses Liquid Nitrogen to expose the body to extreme cold temperatures of up to minus 170oc in a more precise way than the traditional Ice Baths

The treatment causes increased blood flow creating favorable conditions for cell renewal, expelling toxins Now available in The Hot-Ice Treatment Rooms or the first time, this new treatment painlessly cools the skin to a staggering -170oc kick-starting the body’s natural repair processes and boosting the production of collagen for brighter,
plumper skin.

Cryo best Facials Article Good Housekeeping Magazine April 2014

OUR TESTER SAID ‘I was very excited to have a Hollywood treatment that hasn’t hit the
mainstream yet! After a deep cleanse and mild glycolic peel, a stream of liquid nitrogen
vapours was directed over my face. It didn’t hurt at all, and actually felt super-relaxing. Not only did it plump out my frown and laughter lines but I looked like I’d had eight hours’ sleep and my skin was still radiant two days after the treatment.’