Rehabilitation Psychology

Alex Zemmama

Required Training/ Average salary

Theres no exact degree that is required but most Rehabilitation Psychologists have at least masters degree in general psychology and an undergraduate in rehabilitation services.

The average salary in 2012 for a rehabilitation psychologist was $33,880 a year

Prevalence of rehabilitation psychology

Most places who hire rehabilitation psychologists only need one or two. Hospitals, physical therapy centers, long term care centers and addiction rehabilitation centers hire rehabilitation psychologists. Addiction rehab centers are one of the only places that need a lot of rehab psychologists.
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What they do

Rehabilitation psychologists help people who had some traumatic experience or addiction they they need help to get over.Those who specialize in drug and alcohol addiction help them try to overcome they're addiction by finding out why they're addicted and how to end their addiction.

why its appealing

To me it seems like a job where you get to help people in a meaningful way that changes peoples lives for the better. Its also interesting in general to see how traumatic experiences effect people and how people learn to get over them.