Academic Boosters


THS Alumni Golf Tournament CANCELLED

We voted last night to cancel the golf tournament for this year. We think that the weekend we picked, being a long weekend, has caused problems for filling teams. Many of our "regular golfers" are not able to play this year because of travel, and we need 28 teams in order to play the tournament on a Saturday; that equates to 112 golfers. As of last night we had only received confirmation for six teams and six hole sponsors. That did not put us on track for the goal of 28 teams and 60 sponsors, like we have met in the past. Hopefully, we can get a better date next year and continue this fundraising event for our students and school.

Letters are being mailed to sponsors and teams who had previously sent in forms and payment. Please continue to support our organization. We have really done a lot this year, and hope to continue our support of academic achievement in the future.


Kelly Williams

Adviser for ABC