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Round Rock ISD Plans to Welcome Students Back in Two Phases, Continue Virtual Learning


If your student selected to start On-Campus learning on September 15th, please watch the video below to see what you and your student can expect. Thank you.
On-Campus Learning Experience: Middle and High School


Round Rock ISD will begin welcoming students back for on-campus learning, initially for students who are served primarily in self-contained special education settings — about 1 percent of students — on September 10. On September 15th, District administrators plan to allow students who have selected On-Campus learning as their preference to return to their school. Only 30 percent of students are expected to return, a percentage that allows the District to allow for social distancing, enhanced adherence to health protocols, and minimize person-to-person contact.


Parents, we are working on 1st-day procedures for those students that chose On-Campus learning starting on September 15th. We will include information regarding pod assignments, an updated bell schedule, and campus operating protocols before students that chose On-Campus learning return to campus.

We ask for your patience and support. We will continue to update you as we receive information.


  • Our school day is 9:05 am - 4:20 pm. Students should not be on campus before 8:45 am.
  • Parents will not be allowed inside the campus. This includes delivering lunches or picking up their students at the end of the day. **This is a great time to register online with MySchoolBucks-Click here.* You can pay anytime from your phone or computer for school meals, check the balance and purchases when you download the app and it's free!
  • All visitors to the campus will need to report to the intercom system at the front of the building. All visitors will need to show a valid ID. Campus visitors will be limited to those essential to school operations:
  • Guest Educators
  • Brinks Security
  • Student Teachers, Observers and Interns
  • Emergency Personnel
  • Food Service Vendors/Deliveries
  • Mail Delivery
  • Others as determined by Campus Administrators
  • Students will wear face coverings as outlined in the Reimagining Education Plan.
  • Parents and guardians are expected to screen their students for COVID-19 symptoms each day and to keep them home if they display symptoms or fever of 100 degrees and greater.
  • Teachers will monitor students and refer them to the nurse if symptoms are suspected to be present.
  • Students or staff who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated from others on campus and sent home.


*Bus route information for 2020-2021 will be available online by September 12th 2020*

***Please note that bus rider registration is now required***

Please visit the RRISD School Boundaries page to find your zoned campus and for information on the recent school boundary changes for the 2020-2021 school year.

To find bus information, enter your address and click 'search'. It is not necessary to enter a zip code or campus.

Notice on times:
Times posted on this site reflect the expected time the bus should arrive during good weather. Inclement weather or traffic congestion may cause the route to run later than the posted time. We ask that all students be at their bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid missing the bus.

***Information is updated daily at 6:00 pm***


More information on health, safety, and sanitization protocols and on-campus learning are available in the Parent Overview.


Please make sure your student engages during the day. This can be done by:

  • your student engaging with their teacher through a virtual meeting, email or phone OR

  • your student logging into Schoology and completing/engaging in an activity or submitting an assignment.

What can parents and students expect:

A student MUST complete the daily attendance requirements described below by 11:59 p.m. in order to be counted present for the day. Daily attendance requirements are:

  • your student engaging with their teacher through a virtual meeting, email or phone OR

  • your student logging into Schoology and completing/engaging in an activity or submitting an assignment.

    1. For example, if a student is absent from in person learning and does not submit any assignments on 8/26 and completes an activity in Schoology the following morning, 8/27, at 5:00 a.m., it does NOT count toward the previous day’s attendance requirement even though it was completed prior to the recapture deadline.
    2. The assignment date or due date do not have an impact on attendance, only the date that an assignment is actually submitted.

  • A student who completes several days worth of assignments on one day can only use those assignments as evidence of activity on the date they are submitted. The student must meet at least one of the daily requirements described above by 11:59 p.m. that day in order to be counted as present.


Please allow 10 business days to process your transcript request due to extended processing time.



Students Can't Login to Schoology?

Students Can't Join a Google Meet?

  • Students should only be logged into their district Google accounts
  • Students should use Google Chrome if possible and log into the browser
  • Students cannot enter a Google Meet before the teacher
  • Double check the code for typos

Other Problems

  • If a student has a problem that you cannot help with, Stony Point Technology Specialists are available to assist students from 8am to 4pm. meet.google.com code:sphstech

  • Does a student need to reset their password?(Schoology, Google) -

  • Does a student need their HAC password reset?


    Use Home Access Center (HAC) to check grades, attendance, and schedules; set grade notifications; view and print report cards; request a transfer; contact staff; plus more information related to campus life. If you haven't set up a HAC account, click on the link below to do so:

    Home Access Set Up Instructions-Click here!

    RRISD Home Access Center Webpage

    You can also set up Mobile Access

    eSchoolPLUS Family, Home Access Center (HAC) Made by PowerSchool Group:

    Included in the official Round Rock ISD APP or download individually. Other district-approved Mobile Apps!

    1. Download free, iTunes App Store® or Google Play®
    2. Search eSchoolPLUS Family
    3. Then select eSchoolPLUS Family app for free download

    If you have difficulty logging into Home Access, you may email Diana_Hernandez@roundrockisd.org

    Thank you!


    Students will login to ClassLink, a single sign-on system that provides direct access to Schoology® and their online learning dashboard. See the ClassLink Quick Guide link below!

    Students will login to ClassLink, a single sign-on system that provides direct access to Schoology® and their online learning dashboard.

    SCHOOLOGY HELPLINE - Click here!

    Parents will receive their 12 digit access code by this Friday, August 28. In the meantime, parents may use their student's access code to access Schoology.


    Please have a current ACC transcript sent to SPHS as soon as possible. Thank you!



    This is a reminder that Curbside meal service is currently in service and will continue on until further notice from Monday-Friday. Parent/students may pick-up breakfast between 7am-8am and lunch may be picked up between 10am-12pm. The district is closed on Monday, September 7 (Labor day).

    For service for the first three weeks of school, families are asked to fill out an online meal order form to request meal service. Only one response is needed per family and multiple children can be added to one form. Families are encouraged to fill out the meal order form to assist Food Services in meal preparation, help avoid waste and expedite checkout. Parents who do not fill out the form for their student may still pick up meals and should be prepared to show the student’s ID or a document/report card with the student’s ID printed.

    If virtual learning were to continue for all students beyond the first three weeks, families will not be asked to submit another meal order form.

    During meal distribution, lunch and breakfast for the following day will be provided. To pick up the meals, families should have the student name and ID written on paper and placed on the car’s dashboard.

    **For Stony Point's Meal distribution sites it is the turnaround by the Performing Arts Center by the water tower.**

    Stony Point High School, 1801 Tiger Trail, Round Rock:

    *Distribution locations for virtual learning students may change once on-campus learning resumes.

    Families will be required to pay for meals if they do not qualify for Free meals. Reduced Students will receive Breakfast at $0.30 and Lunch at $0.40. Students who do not qualify for the free and reduced program will receive meals at the following rates:

    Breakfast - $1.50 for all levels

    Elementary Lunch - $2.80

    Middle and High School Lunch - $3.05

    Families can add funds to the student's lunch account using the online deposit system My School Bucks (MSB) or through the MSB app. Cash and check payments will be accepted curbside as well. No change will be available for cash payments.

    Please continue to visit the District’s Food Services and Reimagining Education websites for the latest information and updates. We will also provide information on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

    Stony Point Menu-Click here!


    Grab and Go Curbside Library Check out books from the Stony Point Library! Students - You can log into the SPHS Library Catalog using your student ID (without the S) as both your username and password. You can place up to five books on hold. You will receive an email from the library once their books have been pulled. Park at the front of the school during curbside hours and call the library at 512-428-7041. We will check out the books to you and place them in your trunk. You can also return books from any RRISD campus as well. Curbside Hours: Monday: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Wednesday: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Friday: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (or by appointment most school days) Visit https://sites.google.com/a/roundrockisd.org/stonypointlibrary for more information.


    All textbooks that were not turned in during the drop-off dates back in May and June, have been marked as lost textbooks and put into obligations. No worries though! If you still have a textbook(s) that were not turned in over the summer, there is drop-off bin in the front of the school from Monday-Friday from 8am-4:30pm (except on Wed. 8/26 until 3:30pm). Once the textbooks are checked back in, they will be taken off the obligations list. Until textbooks are turned in, students are not allowed to check out current textbooks.

    If you questions regarding textbook obligations, please email: Patricia_Zineddine@roundrockisd.org