Choose Me as your school leader

By: Cindy

All about me

What do I do? Who am I? What are the things I like doing? Who am I really? I am a 10 years of age. I am born on January 22nd, 2004. I am a typical young girl with a crazy personality. I ave lots of nicknames, like when l am at school, at home and when playing netball. At school, my friends call me tan one, at home my brother and my cousin calls me Sunday and when playing netball at P.S.S.A, my mates call me seal and casula. l have four people in my family which includes my parents (mum and dad) my brother name Johnny in 6G and last of all me. I am the shortest yet the smallest and youngest in my family. I have lots of hobbies and interests. My favourite subject is science and H.S.I.E because I love learning new things. My favourite books are The house of Secrets, The fault in our Stars, Shiver,The Divergent series and The school of good and evil. I love these books because I love adventurous and books that when I look at the front cover and read the first page, I usually get hooked up in a magical world full with candy or other magical world. I have adventurous books, short novel books, sad books that make me sob in one corner NOT THAT I HAVE OR ANYTHING, happy books and even a Macbook! Get it? My favourite sport which nearly everyone knows is netball and swimming and many more. My favourite song is 'Bang Bang' by Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj but my all time favourite song is 'Best Friend' by Jason Chen because it is relaxing and calm. My favourite youtubers are Bethany Mota who is on dancing with the stars, Stilababe09, Maybaby, Mylifeaseva, Alisha Marie, Bebexo and Niga Higa. My favourite accessories are bows and owls because they are cute and fascinating. My favourite singers or artists are Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez are just to name a few. My teacher Miss Khoury, helps me to learn new things which I love and offers me help whenever I am stuck on anything either it is Maths or English are just to name a few.

Favourite singers/artist

Favourite youtubers

What makes a great leader?

What DOES make a great school leader? The first thing is you need to accept and take the honour of being school leader. The three main things that I think a school leader ought to have is optimism, courage and curiosity. There are many more qualities like confidence, giving up your time for the school, be responsible, have honesty in you, make the school a better place to learn and play, take pride and passion in your work, have a grin on your face, help the school on important jobs and many more but I think that optimism, courage and curiosity are the three main qualities that a school leader should ought to have. What would you do when you were chosen as the school leader of Canley Heights Public School for 2015?

How to be a School Leader?

How do you BE a school leader? I want to be a great one, but how??? Well, being a school leader at first, you will have difficulties. You will need "visionary leadership" in you to become a school leader. But what does it mean? How do you know if a leader is a visionary? A visionary leader is clear about what she or he believes and know what is best for the children like their academic which is their work, social which means their communication between one another, and emotional learning which is their feelings. You'll know if you hear a vision if it makes you feel something good like you feel inspired, motivated, excited, ecstatic, fascinated and so on. You need to remain calm when there is a crisis, energetic and are always positive. I reckon that if you have visionary leadership, I believe that you will be a successful leader. What would you do when you were school leader? What changes will you make to the school? Will you make it a better place to learn and play?
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Why I should be school leader?

Why should I be school leader? If I was school leader, I will make the school a better place to learn and play. I will appreciate everyone the way they appreciated me. I will make everyone laugh and have a big grin on their face everywhere they go. I believe that I have the three main qualities and many more. I am responsible, I am safe and I am prepared. I will follow those rules and and do something that will amaze the principle, the teachers, students and the whole school proud and say 'WOW!' I will do the best as I can and I will try my very best! Please VOTE FOR ME! What would you do if you were voted as school leader for 2015? Why would you be a school leader for Canley Heights Pulic School?

Voting! Cindy Cindy OI OI OI!!!

Voting? What is voting? Voting is a decision made by an important person or a group of people.I hope that I have convinced you enough for me to become school leader. I believe that I have all the qualities and skills. Vote for me Cindy Le to become your school leader for 2015 at Canley Heights Public School!