I Totally Funniest

By: Colin Sanders Author:James Patterson Block:3 Mr. Ayer


The setting is Jamie Grimm is at school and there is only three days till the finals in Hollywood. Everyone at school is making him sweat bullets. Even though some are trying to encourage him, he is still nervous.


The conflict is that Jamie Grimm is only three days from the finals and every day he gets more nervous when he gets closer. Everyone at school thinks him as cool,but his friends aren't so happy about that, also he is trying to not think about it much or he gets really upset.

Rising action

He goes on Saturday night live with jimmy Fallon,after that he flew with the other contestants to Hollywood in a private jet with like everything in it, once they got there they had their own limos for each one of them.They went to the hotels and then Judy kisses him. They go where the show is and all of them go on stage including Jamie.


they call all of the contestants to the stage and they call out Jamie's name and Jamie is so nervous and the judges say "Jamie you are going to the finals,some of the other have to go home. Then he and all the others go backstage. All the contestants finish their final round. Then they all come out and the judges make it a long time till they say something, at this point Jamie feels nausea. After they wait a whole commercial break they say Jamie Grimm you have WON the Planets Funniest kid comic contest, after the crowd goes wild.

Falling Action

He left Hollywood and took all his recorded videos of him to a rehabilitation center and gave his videos to them. They also started rebuilding long island,while people are lined up as Jamie goes through them and everyone is cheering.


Even know he won he will get picked on but his friends will have his back, and that is why he will always be the funniest of them all

Character Traits/ Jamie Grimm

Jamie was super smart he had all a's on his report card. He was also obviously funny that's why he won . Jamie was weird sometimes, but not always.