How is this resource formed

Animal droppings,human manure,trash,wood,crops and alcohol fuels can be burned to make electricity to run a home

Is this resource renewable or non-renewable?

This resource is renewable,but if you are burning crops and don't replant it then it could become non-renewable

How is this natural resources used?

You can burn the trash and convert it into electricity. Some types of trash can burn and convert it into gas to power cars and trucks. Also you can use the waste materials and reduce the trash percent

Advantages of using biomass

What are the disadvantages of using biomass

When you burn trash then it could pollute the air. If you don't replant the crops you burn then it could be come non-renewable. if you burning trees then you probably cut down a tree which means you might of cut down an animals home

Where is this resource found most abundantly

It's most abundantly in dense Forrest

Is there any harmful effects to the earth

Yes there are harmful affects to the earth. It take away animals home. It could pollute the air