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Egypt is a wonderful place to live and see. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. It is about 1,002,450 square kilometers but this is only for land, the water of the land is 0.632 percent. The language that is spoken is standard Arabic. The money in Egypt is called pounds.$1.63 are equal to one pound. It is a developing country because it does not have a lot of population. Egypt's major exports are Petroleum oils, crude that is 11 percent of their major exports, Petroleum gases are 10 percent, refined is 9 percent , Mineral or chemical fertilizers, nitrogenous are 4 percent, gold is 3 percent of their major exports, etc. The major imports are Petroleum oils, refined 9 percent of there major imports, cars 3 percent of there major imports, ferrous waste and scrap 3 percent of there major imports, parts and accessories of the motor vehicles 2 percent of there major imports, medicament, packaged 2 percent of there major imports, etc. Egypt's major trading partners are Italy, United States, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France, China, Germany, Brazil, etc. Egypt is a urban area.


Egypt's weather is very, very hot because it has a lot of desserts such as the Libyan dessert. Egypt does sometimes get tornadoes and floods.


The population of Egypt is 82.54 million since 2011. 78 people live per square kilometer.Cairo has the most population from all the places in Egypt. The literacy rate for males is 80.3 percent however females had 63.5 percent. Most Egyptians are Muslim and about 10 percent are Christian. Egyptians have the same technology that the rest of the world has such as telephones (iPhone). The death rate of Egypt is 4.85. The birth rate of Egypt is 25.02. The natural increase is 20.17. Population growth rate is 1.922 percent since 2012.


The only thing that you can visit is pyramids such as the Giza pyramid
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