Global Climate Change Project

By Emily Ventola

What is Global Climate Change?

Global Climate change is the ongoing rise in the global average temperature near Earth's surface. It is caused mostly by the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels in the atmosphere.

Evidence that Global climate change is real

  • Greenland lost 36 to 60 miles of ice from 2002-06 and Antarctica lost 36 miles
  • Sea levels have risen 6.7 inches in the last 100 years
  • Glaciers all around the world have been melting
  • The sea level has doubled in the century

What does it affect?

Global climate change has made our earth's temperature rise 1 degree and will continue to rise 1 degree fahrenheit . Scientists are worried because over the next 8 decades the temperature is going to have risen 10 degrees and that is going to lead as a result of more category 4-5 hurricanes.

What are the causes?

Some of the causes of global climate change are:

  • Less trees = Less carbon dioxide
  • Humans are producing more greenhouse gasses
  • Stronger greenhouse effect will lead to glaciers melting and the sea level will rise These causes could lead to these effects
  • How plants grow and where they grow
  • People with health conditions are at an increased risk for death
  • Too much precipitation events and flooding could increase the risk of reduced to clean water.
  • Volcanic eruptions

What can we do

We can still do something to stop Global climate change. Like when you don't to use water turn the water of a perfect example is brushing your teeth. When you are brushing your teeth turn off the water until you need it. Recycling and reusing saves the wildlife it also saves energy. And use a gas efficient car so it burns less fossil fuels.

When you reduce reuse and recycle you save the wildlife

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