New York

By: Alma Castillo Solis

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New York has some good land for farming as well as lots of different types of raw materials and land for work.
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  • New York had a mild climate with warm summers and mild inters that were suited to farming.

  • A typical farm is from 50 to 150 acres with a house, barn, yard and fields.

  • Grew many crops such as wheat so it was often referred to as the breadbasket colony.
  • The colony became a state on July 26th 1788.
  • It was founded because of trade and profits.
  • Exported agricultural products.
  • Mountains in the northeast.
  • Lowlands from lake Ontario along Canadian border.
  • It was governed as a Royal Colony by 1755.
  • Big in food producing with corn, wheat, livestock including beef and pork.